It’s happened to the best of us- in search of fun lingerie (in our size) we’ve gotten to the store only to be underwhelmed by a sea of white, nude, black, and boring bras, panties, and shapewear. When it comes to plus size lingerie, function has clearly overshadowed form and unfortunately we’re left with undergarments that are decidedly plain.

At Bits of Lace we understand the struggle that occurs when trying to find plus-sized lingerie you truly love. We’re here to share some of our top plus-size picks that are sure to make you feel your best. Let us know in the comments what your favorites are! And, if you’re still trying to decide what your best fit is, let us know. We’d love to help you find it!

Challenges of Plus-Sized Lingerie

Lingerie has proven to be an especially tricky segment of the plus-sized clothing market. Unlike standard sizes that are easy to mass produce, plus size undergarments require different research/design practices and can be costly for companies to produce.

The increased research, design, and production costs are difficult for box stores like Walmart and Target to make up when prices must be kept low to appeal to customers. The result? A spate of larger companies skimping on the proper research—leading to subpar products―or opting out of the plus size lingerie market altogether.

This lack of plus size lingerie development/distribution means that companies dedicated to doing this work, and doing it well, are at a high premium. At Bits of Lace, we seek to build strong relationships with those companies, and offer their products in a convenient and highly communicative environment. Read on to see some of what these companies are offering today.

Standout Bras

For maximum support, we recommend three-paneled full cup design. While we’ve all been taught to veer away from seams for fear of lines showing through our clothes, they are essential to proper support. You’ll know the bra is supportive enough when the weight of your bust is distributed in the back of the bra, as well as the bridge in the front of the bra connecting the cups. If you find too much stress is being placed on the straps, the bra is not supportive enough.

Some of our favorites include:

Prima Donna Oriental Night Full Cup Bra, $163

Available in a number of colors, we like this bra both for its prettiness, and for the full coverage and support it provides with its three-part cup construction.

Prima Donna Twist Tresor Full Cup Bra, $131

The striking orange hue, smooth finish, and elasticized lace helps this bra both stand out in your closet, and hide neatly under your clothes.

Anita Nursing Full Cup Bra, $59

Straps detach easily for easy access to the breast, but an otherwise sleek appearance and microfiber construction make for easy camouflage under clothes.

Anita Active Extreme Control Sports Bra, $69

Finding sports bras that provide necessary coverage and support can be an ordeal, but we like the lightweight construction of this sports bra that doesn’t skimp on the ergonomic support it provides an ample bosom.

Empreinte Melody Padded Strapless Bra, $174

We love the full coverage and gentle padding from this model, making it comfortable to forgo the straps that often seem to serve as a lifeline.

Standout Underwear

Thankfully, for most women, finding underwear that fits comfortably is a less stressful ordeal than finding a bra. However, finding your ideal amount of coverage in breathable and comfortable fabric can be harder than it initially seems. Here are some of our top picks for functional and fashionable bottoms.

Prima Donna Perle Full Brief, $44

Microfiber in construction with a cotton gusset, this full-coverage brief hides effortlessly under your clothes while providing the coverage you need.

Conturelle Empire Bikini Panty, $35

With the partial coverage that a bikini panty provides, in comfortable microfiber and aesthetically pleasing eyelet detail, this panty is at once pretty and functional.

Conturelle Empire Boyshort Panty, $54

While the fit may be boyshort, the crisscross construction and delicate detail makes these panties undeniably feminine.

Hanky Panky Signature Lace Retro Thong, $22

This style is a study in contrast, with fuller coverage in the front, still providing stealth coverage in the back, all while pleasing the eye with colorful lace.


We hope that this list of our favorite plus size products have shown you that a great many functional and attractive options exist for curvier silhouettes. Should you need more guidance to make your selections, our well-trained and caring staff is ready and willing to help you find your best fit!