A woman’s elegance begins with the underwear she’s wearing. It’s important for a woman to feel confident in herself and, regarding lingerie, to focus on the quality not on quantity. This is sometimes tough to do when all you can find is white, black, or beige in plus sizes.

Most of the lingerie commercials focus on how a woman’s body is viewed, and each of these campaigns promise that every woman will look sexy if you buy items from those stores.

But these commercials are losing focus of the big picture: Sexy lingerie is not just about how you look. It is also about how it makes you feel, even if no one sees what you’re wearing under your clothes. Lingerie gives every woman a way to express her sensual, feminine side- it doesn’t matter what society thinks about how she should look.


It is a secret between you and your lingerie drawer that makes you walk a little straighter, smile a little wider, and feel more confident. This goes for every woman, plus size included. No woman should be afraid to express their sexuality and wear sexy lingerie, because every woman is beautiful and wearing lingerie should be a fun experience.

Every woman should be able to find not only white or black, but red, blue, pink, flirty, feminine patterns, etc. However, in the past these options have been limited for many plus size women. Only recently have designers branched out for the plus size market into more colorful choices.

Why do plus size women want to wear colorful, sexy lingerie?

To feel feminine and delicate – Wearing luxurious lingerie makes a woman feel confident. Rich, colorful satins and lace are not just for slender women or those on the fashion runway.  Lingerie is for all women who want to appreciate how they look, regardless of age, weight, and size.

For a confidence booster – When women accept and love their body exactly as it is, it is impossible not to feel a sense of pride which leads to an increase in confidence. To maximize the curves in all the right ways shapeware is now often built into lingerie and helps women to look their best no matter what they wear.

To be more attractive to her partner – Lingerie can heat up a couple’s relationship, because a it shows how confident she is and how much she wants to be alluring to her partner.

The choices each woman makes regarding her lingerie collection and the colors she prefers says something about her. Here’s a few fun examples-

Beige: If all your intimates are this color, you are likely conservative and reserved. You play it safe and only take a risk when you are certain of the reward.

White: If this is your favorite lingerie color, you are a woman for whom cleanliness, innocence, and purity prevails. You are wholesome and good in nature, always offering to help others.

Black: If you primarily wear black underwear, you might have a naughty streak and easily accept challenges. You are mysterious and seductive.

Red: If this color prevails in your lingerie wardrobe, then you are a passionate woman. You are brimming over with love and know how to heat things up.

Pastels: If the soft pinks, yellows, and blues are your favorite, then you are an extremely playful woman who wants to feel young.

No matter which color a woman chooses, it is essential that colors are available for all women of all sizes to wear so that she can feel her most confident, sexy self every day.