As I sip my last bit of coffee and look out the window to pouring rain, all I want is to slip back into my pajamas and stay here all day. Since trading my baggy t-shirts and oversized shorts for B*up tap sets and chemises, I haven’t looked back.

The newest addition to my B*up collection is a tap set from the Kathy collection. Kathy’s lace detailing and pretty micro-floral print reminds me of waking up on crisp white sheets on Cape Cod with a warm breeze blowing through the window. There’s a style for every woman in this collection: gowns, lounge pants, and my favorite, the tap set with a flowing camisole top and hip hugging drawstring shorts.

B*up pieces are perfect for mornings that stretch into days or for soaking up your final Zen moments before a busy day. B*up stands for beautiful unique pajamas and trust me, they live up to their name. Each piece is made from the softest Pima/Modal cotton blend and beautifully accented. They are feminine, gorgeous and feel like an absolute dream against soft, sun kissed skin.

A full selection of B*up pajamas are available at Bits of Lace’s online boutique. At our King Street location, we’ve carefully selected sets with Charleston women in mind. Whether you fall asleep dreaming of breezy New England summers or sandy Caribbean beaches, I suggest you slip into a pair of B*up pajamas first.

Please join us in wishing Miss Caitlin Meroney the best of luck in her next adventure! We will miss you. Sending lots of “love and lace” your way.