Empreinte Thalia Bra in black

An undersized cup isn’t the only issue you may encounter when being fitted; a cup that is too big doesn’t do you any favors either. A molded or seamed cup that puckers or looks baggy points to a cup size that is too large and gapping appears in an oversized contoured cup. Always check for a smooth transition from breast to cup; if there is spillage or extra space, another cup size may be the answer.

Let’s not forget about Lola, our favorite customer.  Based on her bust and band we can estimate that she will fit into a small or medium in most of our chemises and teddies, but will likely be most comfortable in a medium, which will best accommodate her bust. She picks out an Andres silk chemise in red and a black lace teddy by Hanky Panky that she simply adores. Twenty minutes from in to out and she is one satisfied customer. Our customer is now able to leave with a bag full of perfectly-fitted lingerie staples that will change the way she looks and feels about herself.

Lace & Love,