Some chick flicks like The Devil Wears Prada and I Don’t How She Does It portray modern working women’s struggles in an alternately heartbreaking and humorous way. In real life, it’s certainly no easy task to balance work and family responsibilities. A lot of women are so busy attending to various concerns that they often neglect to pay attention to what they’re wearing.

On a bad day, for instance, the frazzled woman executive will put on a nicely tailored suit in a rush without particular regard for personal comfort when it comes to her choice of brassiere. In fact, it was once reported on Oprah that 80 percent of women wear the wrong size bra, not to mention the wrong type of bra fabric. When shopping for comfortable plus size bras, here are some great fabric choices to consider:


Satin’s smooth and cool feel evokes romance and sensuality, which makes it an ideal fabric for lingerie. Satin is breathable and consequently quite comfortable clothing material to have against your skin. Plus-size-lingerie made with high-quality stretch satin, in particular, creates curves in all the right places.


Manufacturers follow a special knitting technique that uses spring-beard needles to produce simplex fabric. The final product is a comfortable nylon knit that hugs a woman’s curves and provides optimum shape and support. Simplex feels luxuriously smooth and light on the skin. Likewise, underwear made of simplex fabric remains unnoticeable even under tight clothing.

Guipure Lace

Exquisite lace fabric scores high when it comes to aesthetics; but it may not exactly be the go-to fabric when you’re in search of comfortable plus-size lingerie. Enter guipure lace, a robust fabric that is intricately detailed and provides maximum comfort at the same time. Guipure lace bras from online stores like Bits of Lace provide adequate support and contouring, thus ensuring a proper fit for plus-size women.

Your life may already be complicated enough as it is, so you may not want to aggravate things by enduring ill-fitting lingerie day after day. Search online sites for well-constructed undergarments made of high-quality fabrics that feel like second skin. This way, you can feel empowered and be able to do the many things you want to do in the utmost comfort.

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