Many engaged couples set their wedding dates in what is known as “wedding season,” or the months of May to October.  You will likely attend a wedding or two this year and will need to have more than one dress in your closet for both casual and formal weddings.  With many dresses having plunging necklines or dresses that are backless, the real question is:  Do you have the right bras to go with them?  Make sure that you have these bras in your lingerie drawer so that you are prepared for any occasion:

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Plunge Bra

When you have a dress with a deep V-neck or a neckline with a low cut, plunge bras are the answer.  These bras typically have wider-set straps and a center gore (the piece that connects the cups) that is set low.  Other plunge bras are strapless and have adhesive material so that it sticks securely to your sides.  U-plunge bras are simply plunge bras that have an even deeper plunge for those tops and dresses that are super low-cut.  While a plunge bra may not provide you with a lot of coverage, you can still find one that offers support for your breasts.

Convertible Bra

Every woman needs to have a convertible bra in their lingerie drawer.  This versatile bra will come in handy during wedding season because it can adapt to different styles of dress.  Many convertible bras also referred to as multi positional bras allow you to take off the straps for a strapless bra, or adjust the straps for a halter-neck dress.  Some convertible bras even allow you to manipulate the straps so that they go across one shoulder for dresses that bare only one shoulder.  Whether you plan on attending any weddings or not, this bra is a must-have.

Strapless Bra

Prima Donna Divine Padded Strapless Plus Size Bra

Prima Donna Divine Padded Strapless Plus Size Bra

For dresses that bare your shoulders, you will most likely need a strapless bra.  Strapless bras are just what they sound like:  they have no straps, and all of the support comes from the band.  This may sound intimidating to those with bigger breasts, but there are many strapless bras that offer both comfort and support, no matter what your size.  The trick is to find one that isn’t so tight that it is uncomfortable, but also one that isn’t so loose that it doesn’t hold up your breasts properly.  When you are trying on strapless bras, make sure that the band is snug, rather than the cups.  When the cups are too tight, it can create bulging.


A bustier is a great choice for women who like the look and feel of corsets but want more of a modern style.   Shorter than a corset, these bras give your breasts excellent lift and can come with straps or be strapless.  You can wear bustiers under dresses that bare the shoulders or under tops on a fun night out.  Bustiers come in many styles that range from simple seamless to sexy silhouettes so you can find the perfect one for any occasion.

Bodysuit Bra

Prima Donna Madison Bodysuit (Shapewear)

Prima Donna Madison Bodysuit (Shapewear)

Bodysuit bras double as shape wear so that you get a flattering figure and bra support all in one.  Many celebrities wear shapewear when they hit the red carpet because it smoothes out their body so that they get a perfect silhouette.  Bodysuit bras come in many different fabrics and styles so that you can find the best one to rock any dress.  However, be sure that you get the right size.  Some women buy them too small in an attempt to look slimmer, and it ends up making them look larger instead!

Adhesive Bras

Adhesive bras are meant to draw attention to the back.  They are mainly worn for open-backed tee-shirts, and backless dresses in some cases.  These Bras adhesives come is cup sizes and colors, push up or standard cups. With so many uses, you know that you will get your money’s worth for this bra.

Be Ready for Any Occasion

Wedding season is always busy, and you may not have the time to shop for the perfect bra.  This is why it is important to have some essential bras in your lingerie drawer when you need them most.  Some weddings and events can be spur of the moment, so it is important that you are ready for any occasion this year!