The past week has been simply glorious! Each day the sun sneaks further from behind the clouds and I see skirts and slacks edging up long, eager legs. Bits of Lace is in the spirit too and we can feel the rush of the turning of seasons with each delectable new shipment.

Hanky Panky floral chemise

Hanky Panky spring prints are floral without being dowdy. In fact, they’re a little rowdy! But only in the sense that prints evoke the idea of a summer sundress and throwback pink pops in most of their patterns and laces.

Celestine Babydoll

Celestine gowns are one of our favorite groups of new arrivals each year. The classic concepts used as the foundation of their design are soft, flowing, tissue-like fabrics (voiles) and construction that accentuates the silhouette. This spring is no exception and, as usual, the babydoll rules the bunch.

The finest quality cloth, fit perfectly for the purpose, Eres swimwear is the best, as far as we’re concerned. Subtle, even stretch lays and Eres suit beautifully across the body and the exuberant colors of the 2011 collection inspire us. For more details about the individual designs, visit Eres’ Spirit page.

We are constantly updating our stock and our site, so for inquires about any of these items, please contact us at Bits of Lace so we can better assist you with you Spring Lingerie Wardrobe.

Lace and Love,

Tara Lynn