As body-positive lingerie professionals, we believe that women are gorgeous at any size. Regardless of size, there’s no reason that voluptuous women can’t pull off even the most provocative silhouettes. Personally we like to take a cue from the legendary allure of French women. Regardless of size or age, French women know that wearing lingerie every day- even if they are the only ones seeing it- is a great way to feel sexy and confident.

If you’re on the curvy side, but are a bit shy about flaunting it, you’re not alone. However, we urge women to get past their feelings of discomfort and instead view wearing lingerie as an exercise of empowerment. Even if it makes you feel vulnerable at first, it can help get you a little bit closer to loving your body and accepting your size. Wearing feminine undergarments has the potential to boost your self-confidence and, with the right fit, flatter your frame.


Thankfully, gone are the days that forced plus size beauties to wear poorly constructed, unattractive undergarments made from uncomfortable fabrics. Today’s designs have alleviated these concerns, making gorgeous, high-quality lingerie accessible to all women. These days, beautiful lingerie comes in all sizes.

Bits of Lace specializes in fine European plus size lingerie designed to flatter the shape and size of every woman. We exclusively carry brands committed to excellent craftsmanship, using the highest quality fabrics, and producing perfectly fitting products that make the wearer feel beautiful.

Here are some tips for you to remember while shopping for plus size lingerie to flatter your figure and boost your confidence:

Get the Right Fit

When it comes to lingerie, getting the right fit is the most important factor. Wearing undergarments that are unsupportive or too small will not complement your body to its highest potential. Nothing makes you feel more uncomfortable than wearing a pinching, binding, or restrictive bra. Voluptuous women need specific designs that give optimal support and comfort while still presenting their bodies in a beautiful way. We always recommend visiting a reputable lingerie boutique to get professionally measured before purchasing a bra. Once you know your actual size and ideal fit, finding lingerie that makes you feel sexy will be a breeze.

Chemises and one piece negligee sets also work well with many body types and can provide the same confidence boosting effect as a great bra/panty set. The Hanky Panky Chemise Babydoll with matching thong has a classic shape that complements every curve. The v-shaped neckline accentuates the bust, while the gently flaring skirt compliments the line of the hip.

Make Peace with Your Trouble Zones

We think that wearing beautiful lingerie is an act of self-love. Feeling sexy is all about the right fit and the right attitude. If you are a bit sensitive about one area of your body, the best thing to do is accentuate your favorite feature. Find a part of your body you want to highlight and work from there to find pieces that coordinate and complement your shape. For example, if you’re not that comfortable with your thighs, but love the curve of your breasts, look for bras that will draw the eye with intricate details and alluring colors.


A curve-enhancing corset is another option with underwire that provides a full cup lift, containment, and coverage. The boning and control panels in the torso work to create a classic hourglass shape. Many women, especially those with a bigger chest, prefer corsets because they highlight their breasts and cinches at the waist, giving them a voluptuous silhouette.

Garter belts are another great way to highlight your favorite body parts while subtly covering areas you feel less confident about. The Prima Donna Couture Garter Belt offers an appealing design with additional coverage. Made from sheer embroidered tulle with a dot and crisscross motif, this sexy garter belt is a perfect addition to any of our couture panties.

As you can tell, by exploring the extensive world of lingerie you will discover pieces that make you feel confident and beautiful. At Bits of Lace, we are committed to helping every woman find the perfect fit for her body. Drop by our boutique to shop our gorgeous plus size lingerie- you’re guaranteed to leave feeling sexy and satisfied!