With so many different fine lingerie brands on the market, Marie Jo stands out as something truly special. Marie Jo is a luxurious brand of European lingerie from Belgium created for the unique and active modern woman. If you are looking for a new brand of fine lingerie, Marie Jo may have the perfect design and fit for you. The company, which was founded in 1919, is known for crafting incredible and comfortable plunge, push-up, and seamless bras.

As one of the best fine lingerie brands in the world, Mary-Jo hand-selects boutiques to sell their extraordinary lingerie. Mary Jo offers exceptional fashion and sex appeal, as well as uncompromised support, for everyday and special occasion wear.

Top-Quality Lingerie

Marie Jo Lingere Model Natalie

If you want high-grade lingerie for daily wear and for special occasions, Marie Jo is a brand that will not disappoint. With numerous styles and colors, any lover of European lingerie will discover their newest favorite intimate apparel among this collection.

A pioneer in the lingerie industry, each piece is constructed with the finest delicate fabrics, receiving at least 30 minutes of handmade attention to ensure the highest quality. Nothing quite tops the comfort you get from wearing clothing that is personally fitted, then hand-cut and sewn.

Each piece is made from quality Belgian fabrics to create a premier product. Fabrics are selected based on elasticity, color fastness, and touchable luxury. The lace is sourced from the renowned French city of Calais, famous for the shape and durability of this classic textile.

Complete Range of Sizes and Plus Sizes

Marie Jo lingerie offers a full line of sizes and an extensive collection of plus size lingerie. Whether you are looking for sensual foundation pieces, wireless bras, or supportive pieces to wear comfortably for work, Marie Jo has the apparel for you. Styles range from sizes A to F, but make sure you check with a bra fitting guide or ask the professionals at your favorite boutique to help you determine your correct measurements.


Perfect for Any Occasion

Woman modeling black lingere

Marie Jo lingerie will suit your needs for any occasion. Whether you are looking for dependable foundation pieces or planning a special evening with your significant other, Marie Jo provides comfort, quality, and a stunning attention to detail.

There is nothing quite like incorporating premium lingerie as part of your daily regimen. If you want to feel beautiful and alluring for your wedding, honeymoon, or another similar occasion, Marie Jo lingerie specializes in fashion forward lingerie with everyday comfort.

Marie Jo Lingere Model Amy

Many Different Styles

Contemporary women will appreciate the many different styles, including a range of elegant styles in neutral colors for everyday wear. Marie Jo offers different shapes and styles, including heart and triangle shape tops, lace bras, and seductive panties. Offering a complete range of high end designs, Marie Jo strives to please the woman who enjoys wearing the latest styles.

Each style combines innovative comfort, meticulous craftsmanship, and elegant minimalism to create a one-of-kind luxurious product. Marie Jo has everything, from everyday wear to a lingerie drawer statement piece. If you dare, check out the lovely selection of attention-grabbing styles like the Jane in Fiesta Red.

Seasonal styles are added throughout the year to complement your wardrobe regardless of the occasion. Marie Jo has something that will suit just about anyone’s taste and fashion style.

Final Thoughts

Marie Jo is one of the most popular brands of lingerie in the world. The feminine detailing, exciting range of colors, and a wonderful selection of styles make Mary Jo lingerie the perfect choice for women everywhere. Effortlessly elegant, this European lingerie line continues to impress us with their craftsmanship and attention to detail.