Navigating the world of lingerie can be a bit intimidating. Between the countless different sizes, styles, shapes, and colors, it can be overwhelming—even scary—for men to shop for lingerie. We’re going to hit a couple of key points that should help you find something she likes, which fits her well and gives her that special feeling from wearing beautiful lingerie.

What exactly is lingerie?

Before buying lingerie, let’s touch on what lingerie actually is. Lingerie is a French word meaning sous-vêtements, or underwear. This factor alone should relieve some stress since lingerie doesn’t always have to mean tiny and overtly sexy. Now that you know what lingerie is, how do you start the buying process?

Woman in red lingere

What style and color should you choose?

Picking the right style may seem difficult, but it can be solved with the greatest of ease. What style does your significant other already wear? Is she a fan of thongs or does she prefer full briefs? Lace or cotton? Look for preferences in the underwear she owns and wears on a regular basis.

The most important thing to keep in mind when shopping for lingerie is the comfort of the person wearing it. It’s always smart to keep things consistent unless you know she wants to try new styles and patterns. If she enjoys women’s cotton briefs, a lacey thong might be the wrong choice. Whatever you choose, you want the piece to make her feel beautiful and special.

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It’s always helpful to remember that the lingerie is a gift for her, not necessarily a gift for you. Always make sure she’ll enjoy what she’s wearing. Make it an even more personal gift by not asking her specifically what kind of lingerie she wants. Part of the appeal of you buying her lingerie is the surprise of it, so keep a little mystery to maintain the specialness of the gift. Use your knowledge of her likes and dislikes to get something she will love to wear frequently, not just for special occasions.

Color is also very important when choosing lingerie. Though some colors are seen as staples of the lingerie industry, like red or pink, they often are not useful in everyday life. Bright colors like red can be visible through clothes, and that might decrease her desire to wear them. Choosing colors that your partner wears frequently will help ensure that she likes the color and that it complements her wardrobe.

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How to pick the right size and right type?

This is probably the hardest part of choosing lingerie for your significant other. The world of women’s sizes can be like a foreign language, but we have some handy guides to help with fit and navigate different styles. When in doubt, just check the sizes of undergarments she already has. So simple, but so very effective.

To make the gesture even sweeter, offer to do the laundry or clean up the bedroom one afternoon. This will give you a great opportunity to check her clothes for sizes without tipping her off to the gift. It will make her day for you to take care of some chores and earn double brownie points for you!

Always make sure to consider the shape of the person you’re shopping for. Not every style of lingerie will look universally flattering, so try to use observational knowledge and basic common sense to select a garment that looks gorgeous on her.

Now, you’re ready to confidently enter the world of lingerie. If possible, it’s always best to seek out the expertise of a luxury lingerie boutique to find the perfect gift this holiday season. Happy shopping!