Bits of Lace now carries two amazing products to care for your delicates.Soak and Forever New are the perfect for washing your lingerie, swimwear and knits.We have compiled the similarities and differences between these two products so that you may better understand which one will work best for your hand washing needs.Soak is a newer product that does not require rinsing, making it great for traveling and the on-the-go woman.Although, it is suggested that you rinse lingerie and swimwear as to not leave any residue in these delicate garments.Soak was originally created to hand wash knits, and does not suggest that you rinse these items.This liquid only formula comes in a variety of fragrances, giving you the opportunity to choose your favorite scent.  Soak is made from plant derived materials and is dye free, as well as phosphate free.The company also makes a moisturizing lotion product that we love!

Forever New was created in 1975 and has long been known to care for your delicate garments.This product is available in a granular powder as well as a liquid form.Forever New is organic and hypoallergenic, giving it fresh natural scent and makes it great for those with sensitive skin.  Using Forever New will preserve the elasticity in your bras, panties and swimwear making them last two to three years if cared for properly.This company also makes a stain remedy product that is wonderful!

Soak and Forever New are both biodegradable, all natural products making them extremely safe for your delicate garments.They are also HE safe and can be used for all of your laundry needs.Bits of Lace carries the Soak and Forever New line in our boutique and online.