While we should ideally be exercising no matter what time of the year it is, most of us admit to making it more of a priority in the summertime.  Bathing suits,  shorts, tank tops—it doesn’t hurt to have tone muscles to show off when it comes to the hotter months.  To get you motivated to work out, check out these six staples that every woman should have in their wardrobe this year:

Lace-Up Leggings

Leggings that have small details near the shin and ankle are trendy right now.  Tap into your inner ballerina with these soft pink lace-up leggings or these cropped cutout leggings in the design of an infinity symbol.  These leggings are perfect for a variety of workouts where form is critical, because they make you pay attention to your body as you try to nail that difficult yoga pose.  Plus, they look cute to wear around the house with an off-the-shoulder top (which were all over the runway this year), and they flatter your legs.

Open-Back Top

Backless tops are trendy this year and are excellent for those who want to show off a sculpted back.  Whether you work out indoors or outside, a backless tank top can keep you cool and can look incredibly chic with a strappy bra underneath.  In fact, you can sport this look as an athleisure style while you are out shopping or running to the store.  A backless top reveals the perfect amount of skin without being too skimpy for everyday wear, and you can find tons of options for both long-sleeve and short-sleeve styles.  If you have been hitting the row machine hard lately, it’s time to show off the results this summer.

Pumped-Up Kicks

Want to get really excited to log those extra miles?  Investing in a stylish pair of running shoes will help give you that much-needed push out the door.  This year, we are seeing more athletic shoes with cool patterns such as the Nike Free RN Distance Running Shoe that comes in Blue Lagoon and Hyper Orange.  While style is a huge motivator, it would be a mistake to choose an athletic shoe based only on how it looks.  From trail running to HIIT training, there are so many styles of shoes out there that it can be intimidating to settle on a single pair.  Luckily, the choice is easier to make when you consult the Runner’s World shoe advisor.  This handy tool helps you find the perfect shoe for you after you enter in some basic information.

A Sports Bra That Can Keep Up

There is nothing more distracting during a workout session than an uncomfortable bra.   Luckily, you don’t need to sacrifice comfort for style with this Anita Sports Bras.  The micro fabric will keep you clean and dry during your workouts, and it supplies complete coverage at all angles so that you can fight through any workout without worrying about your bra.  Every woman deserves a bra that can keep up with their strenuous workouts this summer.

Marie Jo Intense Action Arrow Wire Sports Bra

Multi-Purpose Shorts

It wouldn’t be summer without shorts!  However, the best style of shorts to wear for your workout this summer are ones that are multi-functional.  Shorts that have secret pockets or which can be reversed will make you wonder why you don’t have ten pairs already.  Store your house key on a long run or flip your shorts inside out to match with one of your tank tops.  Multi-purpose shorts are the only way to wear shorts this summer.

A Water Bottle That Reflects Your Personality

Give your fellow gym-goes a little glimpse into your personality with a funny or personalized water bottle.  Funny sayings such as “There’s a Chance This Is Vodka” or “Drop It Like a Squat” will make you smile whenever you pick up your water bottle.  However, this may not be a good idea if you are one of those people who doesn’t like to start up conversations at the gym.  If your water bottle is particularly funny or out there with its humor, it could lead to someone commenting on it.  You could also go a different route and get a water bottle that is motivational, like this one from Etsy.