With Mother’s Day right around the corner, Bits of Lace would like to take the opportunity to recognize all of our amazing moms for everything that they do.  We are so excited to announce our 1st Annual Mother/Daughter Day Wednesday, May 8th from 10am-6pm!  We have prepared this special event to honor mothers and daughters in a unique way.  Come join us for a today of bubbles, sweet treats and fun!  All of our bra fit specialists will be ready to assist your find the perfect fitting bra and that extra special gift for all of the mothers in your life to make her day.  Enjoy 10% off of your entire purchase, as a way of thanking all of our sweet mothers, grandmothers and daughters.  Share your favorite, most memorable story or event you have with your mother or daughter and we will announce a winner at the event who will receive a Bits of Lace gift basket valued at approximately $250!  To share your stories, please use the “Write Post” tool on our Facebook event page.

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Here is a wonderful story we received already from an amazing daughter!  A few summers ago my mom, dad and I went to Senor Frog’s in Nassau.  Before we knew it, we were being pulled into a long, dancing conga line. As the line wrapped around the front of the restaurant, my dad (always lucky) was pulled up on stage to do some solo dancing to some hip 90’s tunes. I remember seeing him attempt the sprinkler and some other moves that made absolutely no sense. He was just going with the flow! My mom and I cried we laughed so hard. I will always remember that day and the tears that flowed between us from the hysterics of my dad.