Here at Bits of Lace, we’re constantly celebrating the diverse beauty of women. We firmly believe that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and, as lingerie specialists, are here to complement and support the many varieties of the female form each day.

Unfortunately, the fashion industry has a long history of promoting a limited representations of the female silhouette. This has thankfully started to change in recent years and fuller figured women are now walking the runway, appearing in magazines, and becoming brand models for top labels. One of our favorite examples of women representing body diversity in the industry is Myla Dalbesio, a model for one of our favorite lingerie lines, Prima Donna.


Prima Donna, one of our most popular brands, is a highly respected global manufacturer of luxury lingerie, specializing in bras with large cup sizes. Prima Donna bras are designed to provide elegant lingerie for the self-confident, naturally shaped woman. The mission of the company is to “shape the mind and body of women.”

Prima Donna launched its Odes of Curves campaign last year and selected model Myla Dalbesio as the spokesperson based on her lovely curves and body-positive attitude. The Ode to Curves campaign encompasses a message of heart and forward-thinking with initiative spotlights on women who are at peace with their bodies, regardless of size or industry expectations. Myla, a woman who struggled for years to find acceptance in the modeling world, is a perfect person to represent this message to millions of women as she’s constantly dealt with body prejudice. During her journey to become a professional model she was constantly labeled a plus size model and given limited opportunities because she wore a size 10 and had a curvaceous figure.

As a spokesmodel for Prima Donna, Myla has been very open about her struggle for self-acceptance. The pressure to be a certain size definitely took its toll on her confidence early on in her career when she was constantly told that she needed to be smaller and lose weight. As a result, her confidence dwindled, and she felt isolated in her body. Once she finally accepted the fact that she would never be a size 2, she decided to love her body for what it was rather than resent it for what it was not. She now lives a message of strength and health, and believes confidence is more important than size.


Myla is not only a model, but also seeks to inspire women to accept and love their bodies. Her persistence paid off and in 2014 she become the first ever “plus-size” model to be featured as the face of Calvin Klein’s popular lingerie line.

Myla continues to shrug off labels when it comes to body size. She embraces that she will always have broader hips and bigger breasts than traditional models. The parts of her body that used to make her feel shame are now the exact features that have allowed her to become the face of Prima Donna’s Ode to Curves campaign. She hopes that the campaign will help women feel more proud about their bodies and feel good about themselves.

Like many women, Myla believed there’s an ideal outfit for every occasion, and a corresponding undergarment to complete the look. For the basics, Myla recommends three staples to help women look radiant and self-assured throughout the day: a strapless bra, a seamless bra, and a lace bra.

A must-have for every woman, a strapless bra gives your breasts support and creates sexy cleavage.  These bras are designed to hold the weight of the breasts with the support of the band. They rely on the underwire and additional seaming to provide a comfortable lift.


Often called a t-shirt bra, the seamless bra offers a simple, smooth look, giving the breasts a rounded, shapely presentation. Crafted with expert care and caution, these bras have no raised seams, hooks, or other components that can be seen through an outer garment, making it appear nearly invisible under even a thin shirt.

Lace bras are the first building block in any set of fine lingerie. Like a clean canvas, these bras offer the opportunity for artistic and intricate designs. Lace bras pair perfectly with casual clothing like denim or with elegant pieces like a silk blouse and pumps.

As lingerie specialists, we hope that women like Myla and the Ode to Curves campaign help spark acceptance and body awareness for all women. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, feminine, and confident. So follow Myla in putting your doubts to one side, and be proud of your feminine curves. We look forward to seeing you in the boutique where we deliver the very best fit and support for sexy, trendy lingerie that celebrates your own unique beauty.