Many brides get so caught up in finding the perfect dress that they don’t give much thought to what they will wear underneath it.  If you have shelled out the money for a gorgeous wedding dress, it only makes sense to wear equally stunning lingerie for your wedding day underneath.  Here are some tips for what to wear under your dress on your big day:

Bride in Wedding Dress

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

Start shopping for lingerie once you have had your first dress fitting.  This gives you the chance to see the dress on yourself and get a sense of what you might need to wear underneath it.  If you suspect any alterations in the future, keep this in mind as you shop for lingerie.  It is important to also keep in mind that you will be spending the majority of your wedding day in this dress, and you will want bridal undergarments that are both comfortable and supportive.

Shopping for Bras


Hanky Panky Dauphine Bridal Bralette

    (Hanky Panky Dauphine Bridal Bralette)

The person who is fitting your dress will be a great help to you when you are searching for bridal undergarments.  A good fitter can suggest whether or not you need a bra (some dresses don’t need them) or whether a bra can be sewn into your dress.  Here are some dresses and some options for which type of bra to wear underneath:

Strapless Dresses:  Most brides choose a strapless bra for their strapless wedding dress, but corsets and bustiers are also popular options for this style of dress.  No matter which option you choose, make sure that the band is snug and the cups fit comfortably.  It will be frustrating if you find yourself pulling your bra up throughout the day.

Plunging Neckline Dresses:  Wedding dresses are becoming a lot sexier and daring these days, making the plunging neckline wedding dress a popular choice.  This type of wedding dress will need a plunge bra or a low-cut body suit.  If your wedding dress plunges in the front and is also backless, it may be difficult to find a bra that works.  In this case, ask your fitter if they can sew in support.

Backless Dresses:  Backless dresses are also on the rise as more brides want to reveal a bit more skin.  Luckily, there are many bra options for backless wedding dresses.  For those who don’t need much support, you can get away with a backless and strapless bra that relies on adhesive to stay on, or go with fashion tape.  For bigger-chested ladies, this may seem intimidating.  Low-cut bustiers and corsets are also an option, and they offer ample support.

Halter-Neck Dresses:  Halter-neck wedding dresses can be tricky because they may have a low neckline and be backless at the same time.  A strapless or convertible bra will be your best bet for this type of dress.

Off the Shoulder Dresses:  These wedding dresses typically have a higher neckline and will need either a regular strapless bra or a convertible bra.  With a convertible bra, the strap can be adjusted for one shoulder, or you can make it strapless.

Shopping for Underwear

Hanky Panky Annabelle Bridal Original Rise Thong

Hanky Panky Annabelle Bridal Original Rise Thong

Your options for underwear will also depend on the type of wedding dress you choose.  Those with dresses that have more room underneath can have fun with their lingerie and have plenty of choices.

Loose-Fitting Dresses:  Take advantage of the fact that your dress isn’t snug, and choose some fun lingerie to wear underneath.  Whether it’s bridal boyshorts or a bridal garter belt, there are many options for you to choose from.

Slim-Fitting Dresses:  Slim-fitting dresses require underwear that won’t produce any lines, and you will probably want to avoid anything frilly.  Some brides may be able to get away with a lace thong if it is smooth and lays flat.  A low-rise or commando thong will work with slim-fitting dresses.

Super-Tight Dresses:  For extremely tight-fitting dresses, you will probably want shapewear.    This will smooth out any unflattering lumps and give you a svelte figure.  Just make sure that you get the proper size so that it doesn’t cut you off at the wrong places.  The wrong size of shapewear will not only look bad, but it can also cause health problems.

Don’t Forget the Garter!


Hanky Phoebe Bridal Leg Garter

(Hanky Phoebe Bridal Leg Garter)

If you are into tradition, remember to purchase a cute garter.  Some women purchase two, so that they can toss one and keep the other.  Whether it is sexy or simple, choose a garter that reflects your personality and that will look good in your wedding photos!