Sports BraSports Bra

Regular gym goers know that to prevent injury and soreness, one must wear impact-absorbing trainers or running shoes instead of casual sneakers. However, some women aren’t aware that an exercise outfit isn’t complete without a sports bra. Here are a few reasons why wearing a sports bra during exercise is advised:

Motion Support

While regular bras provide adequate support for everyday activities, good-fitting sports bras are designed to restrict breast movement during exercise. This way, the breasts are less likely to bounce and stretch during physical activity, thereby minimizing the pain and discomfort felt after an intense workout. Sports bras also help keep breasts from sagging, which is a common result when active women insist on wearing regular bras during exercise.

Moisture Reduction

Regular bras often consist of lace and satin that can chafe the skin while you engage in sports or exercise that may require repetitive movements, such as arm stretching. In contrast, sports bras are made of moisture-wicking materials that pull moisture away from the skin. Sweat is drawn toward the outer surface of the bra, thus allowing moisture to evaporate more easily and minimizing discomfort due to chafing.

Proper Fit

Sports bras are designed to fit any woman according to the type of physical activity or impact that is anticipated. Low-impact bras are ideal for the light physical movements in yoga and Tai Chi, while high-impact bras are best for the vigorous physical motions of sports like tennis or volleyball. A well-fitting sports bra not only provides support for the breasts, it also distributes the weight to the shoulders and the back.


Sports bras sold by lingerie stores like Bits of Lace Fine Lingerie now come in a wide range of styles to make active women feel fashionable. Racerback sports bras count as one of the most popular styles. Typical racerback bras have bra clasps in front, while the shoulder blades remain uncovered.

After a grueling workout, some women naturally want to show off the natural curves they’ve worked so hard to achieve. A good way to highlight a sexy silhouette is to wear a flattering push up bra that helps maximize the appearance of a cleavage. With a well-fitting bra, every woman can certainly feel sexy and empowered.