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Whether its bikram yoga, spin class, or a Pure Barre class; you will need a sports bra to move with you as you flow, spin, or plié. As you are working out you will want a bra to keep you in your clothes, not falling out of them. Try out one of our Anita Active sports bras for your best support.

Why you need a supportive sports bra:

“The sports scientist Dr Joanna Scurr from the University of Portsmouth, UK, discovered that a supporting sports bra prevents ‘bouncing’, and therefore stretching, of the sensitive breast tissue by 74%, while a normal bra only compensates by 38 %.”1 Because the breast is made of fatty tissue, not muscle; exercise cannot overcome any slackness to regain its original firmness and condition. The best way to prevent drooping or stretching of your breasts is to wear the right bra!

Why do we love Anita Active sports bras?

Anita prides themselves on the functionality of their sports bras compared to the standard sports bra. Their tests guarantee an excellent fit and optimum support for all sporting activities, up to an I cup. Their bras are breathable and temperature regulating which guarantees your skin will stay dry. Anita high-performance sports bras support, shape and encompass the breast so well that it remains stable even when doing strenuous exercise, which is incredibly important for women with larger busts.

Though you may think your current sports bras are working, we highly recommend that you give Anita Active sports bras a try. Trust us, once you see how you aren’t bouncing out of your bra and clothes you will only wear these sports bras!