We all love that airy feeling of being braless. But since we’re not in the hippie age, strolling around in all our nippy glory isn’t exactly appropriate. We have to settle for the next best thing: spacer bras! So what is a spacer bra? True to their name, they offer a spacy feel with a cozy, light fit that stays fresh and breezy all day long. So, if you tend to get sweaty through the day or just find yourself dying to ditch your bra when you’re home from work, you’ll be saved by the spacer bra’s heavenly powers of comfort. Now let’s take a look at some key features of the spacer bra and its benefits!

Fall For The Comfy Fabric!

Spacer bras are made from super light, breathable fabric. Ideal for hotter days or occasions when you’ll be more active, this fabric will keep you feeling sweat-free and more huggable—you know, in case that’s a concern.

The magic of the spacer bra is its foamy pockets, which are designed to strategically allow air to move through the cup. At the same time, you get to enjoy the cushiony feeling of having your breasts held by the pillow-soft material! It’s as if your breasts are being held up by a cloud. Sounds nice, right? Well, no kidding! Essentially, a spacer bra lets you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all!

A Relaxing Feel

Feeling tense? Spacer bras are perfect for women who hate that heavy, restricted sensation caused by those tight, high-maintenance types of bras. We’re talking about uncomfortable underwires, stiff straps and the worst—heat-inducing material. Spacer bras eliminate all of these. Instead, you just get pure comfort!

Super Smooth—No Lines!

What is a spacer bra? Well, it’s similar to a T-shirt bra with its line-free look. Since the straps and cups don’t press into your skin (thankfully), you’re left with a seamless fit that appears almost invisible under clothes—even tight ones! So, on those occasions where your little black dress deserves a night on the town, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion!

As the spacer bra sits flatteringly over your curves, it helps create gracefully smooth body contours no matter how form-fitting your clothes are. This means no more unsightly bulges! It essentially gives you that extra boost of confidence to wear your favorite, figure-hugging outfits.

Discover Your New Favorite Spacer Bra!

Not all spacer bras are treated equally. When you go for a premium design, you know you’re getting superior lightness and support, along with comfort. The Prima Donna Satin Full Cup Spacer, for example, is incredibly popular. It’s crafted with seamless microfiber cups and satin panels to give that pillowy soft feeling you’ll love. With this design, you get the best of both worlds—fashion and function. Its smooth fabric provides streamlined contours under your clothes, but it also looks hot without any clothes at all!

Alternatively, if you prefer a design that’s showier and flirtier, go for the Simone Perele Amour 3D Plunge Bra. It offers all of the magic of the spacer bra technology. But it features adorable pastel colors and boosting plunge cups that give your breasts a perky round shape—yippee! Plus, the band and wings are decorated with sweet florals for a lovely feminine touch.

For more incredible spacer bra from the world’s top brands, be sure to browse the rest of the Bits of Lace collection!