Fashion magazines agree on one thing. The foundation of a fabulous outfit is the right undergarment. By right, they mean getting the correct size and choosing the appropriate style and color. Too much effort for an article of clothing that rarely sees the light of day? Think again.

The Right Size

Women often have many issues with their bodies, especially when it comes to the size of particular body parts. By choosing the appropriate undergarments, heavier ladies need not worry about unsightly cellulite jutting out where it shouldn’t. Fit is what’s important; so it’s advisable to visit stores with fashionable plus size panties like Bits of Lace for undergarments.


A whopping 85 percent of women actually wear the wrong bra size! One way to avoid this is by getting measured by a professional bra fitter. The fitter will start with getting the measurements of your under-bust, which will be rounded up or down to the nearest 5cm. The tape measure will then be moved to the fullest part of your breasts, after which some calculations are in order. To accurately determine your cup size, the fitter will subtract the bust measurement from the under-bust measurement.


Women tend to get smaller sized panties that lead to muffin tops and visible panty lines. These unwanted ‘cuts’ just make one look fatter. As with bras, it is important to get the perfect fit for panties: not too large and not too small. Furthermore, they should be comfortable while sitting or walking.

The Right Style and Color

Any fashion guide will tell you that undergarments in black, white, and nude are worthy investments. If you’re donning light colored clothing, it’s best to stay away from black and bright-colored underwear.

Undergarments are meant as hidden support, and should be properly coordinated with the cut of your clothing. For example, a flattering plus size strapless bra can work wonders in accentuating your shoulders. A t-shirt bra with seamless panties can make you look flawless in a bondage or fitted dress; while boy-shorts are perfect for jeans as they end under the buttocks and smoothen out dimples and cellulite.

The bottom line is that you need to choose your undergarments carefully. A well-coordinated and expensive outfit would look less than spectacular when you don’t have the right support under it. With proper fitting underwear, you can strut your stuff in confidence and style.