Brassieres were in use long before corsets were invented. By the late 19th century, the modern bra was developed in retaliation for women having to wear corsets. Essentially, a brassiere is designed to support the breast, enhance its shape, and maintain modesty by covering a woman’s nipples. Unlike tight-fitting corsets, a brassiere allows women to show their natural body shape without feeling the least bit constricted.

Despite these developments, the bra has had its fair share of detractors who claim that like corsets, bras are restrictive and can lead to serious health consequences. It is true that some women may find certain types of brassieres uncomfortable to wear. But while going braless is a choice for some women, those who prefer to wear bras every day need to be educated on how to wear them. Looking for plus size bras is a start.

Some women may observe that they suffer shortness of breath when wearing a bra. This is due to two major factors: weight gain and an excessively tight bra fit. Weight gain can add to the bust size and subsequently tighten the bra around it. Likewise, if the bra is worn too tight, it could restrict the expansion of the lung cage, therefore impeding the breathing process.

Meanwhile, a number of women often find red marks where the bands or straps of their bras hug their skin. This can be attributed to either improper bra hygiene or having the bra on too tight. Wearing a plus size strapless bra can thus reduce tightness over the shoulders and the bra line, resulting in less skin irritation and an overall comfortable feel.

Certain studies purport that most women who wear bras as long as twenty-four hours a day are at higher risk of developing cancer. Women are thus advised to limit their bra use at home or when going to bed. If they would rather wear bras at home, then a seamless soft cup bra that keeps the breasts comfortably covered would be a sensible choice.

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