Imagine getting ready for a date and finding out that your favorite pair of panties has a loose elastic band or that the cups of your bras are all deformed. The only way to prevent this nightmare from becoming a reality is by taking proper care of your lingerie. Your favorite bikini panties may not last forever; but you could certainly keep them for a long time by keeping the following tips in mind.


Like other types of clothes, lingerie must be separated from other items when machine washing. Unless you want your light-colored panties to get tie-dyed, it would be best to separate the white ones from the colored. Although you may think you know how to wash a certain type of garment, it won’t hurt to take a few seconds to read the washing instructions on the label.

Hand Washing

Lingerie made of delicate fabrics usually requires hand washing. Bras and panties are best washed with a mild detergent in cool water. Apply detergent directly on spots that need cleaning, and rub gently. Rinse well with cold water, and gently squeeze out the excess water without wringing the fabric. Instead of putting it in the dryer, lay the lingerie down on a towel to dry.

Machine Washing

Although some panties and bras can be machine washed, we do not recommend machine wash for your fine lingerie. All delicate lace bras, pre-formed and underwire bras need extra care to maintain their shape and lengthen the life of your lingerie. If you do choose to machine wash, always put these delicates in a lingerie bag to keep them from twisting, stretching, and tangling with other garments during the wash cycle. It’s also important to set the machine on delicate mode before washing lingerie in your front loading washing machine.


To avoid creasing, panties should not be folded. Instead, they should be rolled before storing them in underwear drawers. A soft bra can also be rolled, while a padded underwire bra should not be folded! Stored your padded bras by laying them flat and avoid creasing or crushing the pre-formed cups and maintain their shape.

Picking out lingerie that fits and feels good is very difficult. Once you’ve found the right ones from boutiques like Bits of Lace, it’s important to know how to care for these. Your lingerie will always look and feel brand new. It’s all about you wash and store it.