I hear it everyday: “I need support!” “Who can I depend on anymore?” “I want CONTROL!” Ladies across the nation are frustrated, they feel let down and they are demanding to be in charge again.

Done, done and done. Bits of Lace can help you find your center and grab those reins with a little help from our friends at Spanx.

Spanx "pantylines" courtesy of cnbc.com

I love this comic!

The lycra phenomenon that is Spanx is celebrating its 10th birthday this year, and what an amazing 10 years it has been! This company has grown from a one-woman staff, one-bedroom apartment operation to a flourishing corporation composed of 100 employees based in Atlanta, GA. Spanx is continually innovating their products and always has the on-the-go woman in mind with each new design.

Some of our favorites at Bits of Lace are the Tight-End Tights (reversible, with a different color on each side) and the Higher Power Control Panty (we can’t keep it in stock!).

Hold it together ladies!

Lace and Love,

Tara Lynn