Long before full-figured beauties like Adele ruled contemporary music charts, quite a number of voluptuous women have felt comfortable in their own skin and remained unburdened by the pressure to conform to the increasingly svelte silhouettes favored by modern fashions. The problem, however, is that curvaceous women may have a hard time finding undergarments that fit properly since most mass-produced items are designed with slender women in mind. If you’re a well-proportioned woman who’s on the lookout for ideal full-figure bras, here are some important qualities to consider:


Larger-breasted women need brassieres that provide better form and support. A minimizer bra is designed to compress the breasts and hold them tighter to the body. To achieve optimum results, you can wear a corset for a more streamlined contour.


The comfort level of plus-size bras has a lot to do with how snugly they fit. A plus-size bra should not ride up at the back, while the breasts should be in no danger of slipping out of the cups. Steer clear of extremely tight-fitting bras or loose-fitting ones which not only feel uncomfortable but also barely support the chest.

Another factor that influences the comfort level of plus-size bras is the type of fabric used. Fabrics like satin and charmeuse are so delicate and smooth that they typically feel like second skin. Nylon and polyamide are tougher fabrics typically associated with sportswear, although lingerie specialty stores like Bits of Lace Fine Lingerie carry a range of nylon and polyamide bras accentuated with lace and intricate embroidery to add a more feminine touch.


Since breasts are mainly composed of sensitive glandular and fatty tissues, they’re highly prone to stretching and sagging due to physical activity, aging, and the effects of gravity. For this reason, a full-bosomed woman like you should wear a bra that offers better support and helps keep your breasts in top shape. It is thus more advisable to wear plus-size bras with full cups over demi-cup bras.

By keeping an eye out for these elements, you’ll have a better chance of finding the most suitable full-size bra. You can likewise purchase plus-size bikini panties with sexy details in conjunction with proper-fitting brassieres. With the right undergarments, you can feel sexy and empowered.