It’s difficult for me to openly admit this, but here it goes…

For six years I wore the same 38D nude bra. I had purchased it from a popular lingerie store when was 17, and as embarrassing as it is, I proudly wore that ragged (some would call it disgusting) bra almost every single day. Never once did I think about how it was making me look and feel. The wires were poking through the fabric, the color was fading, and the band was stretched out so far I could fit another body around it. I was constantly readjusting, lifting, and tugging. Eventually I got to the point where I was contemplating daily how I could go out in public without wearing a bra. Like most women, I had never been taught or shown what a properly fitted bra looked like on the body. It’s one of those things that women are just expected to know, as if we’re born with the knowledge of how to conceal and support our natural curves. For some young girls, shopping for your first bra is an experience you have with your Mother or Grandmother. However, I remember myself being so embarrassed and insecure by my growing lady lumps, that I only wanted to shop privately for my undergarments rather than seeking professional help. Sadly, young girls everywhere, maybe even yourself, can relate to the isolation and embarrassment that is associated with shopping for bras. Which got me thinking, how can we as women give proper guidance and knowledge to our daughters and grand daughters on bra fit, when most of us are wearing the wrong bra size ourselves and have been for our entire lives? My 55-year-old (sorry, Mom!) Mother had been wearing the wrong band and cup size for years. Like me, she was unaware of how important cup size and shape are to a woman’s physical appearance and self-confidence.

I think I can speak for all women when I say that our knowledge and choices of lingerie are mostly based on how we are feeling about our bodies and how we want to show them off. For me, I wore a larger band size because I didn’t like the appearance of my “back fat”. Because of this, my bra’s band would ride up my back and pull down my breasts, leaving me with an uncomfortable and unsupported look. I’ve talked to smaller chest women as well, who have openly admitted to wearing overly padded bras, all in an effort to appear fuller busted. However, once they were properly fitted into their correct size, they found that they had a more lifted and rounded shape, and no longer did their breasts looked “stuffed”.

Finding out I was not a 38D but instead a 34E, was life changing in many ways. For one, I left the experience feeling empowered and more in control of my body than ever! I actually looked thinner, more lifted, and comfortably supported. I felt more confident not only about my appearance and how others perceived me, but also, more secure about shopping for lingerie, which had never been an experience I enjoyed. I could finally walk into a lingerie store or even shop an online site, and feel at ease knowing exactly what style bra and size looks best on my body. In addition I learned about how to care for my bras and how often I should be washing them, which if you didn’t know is every 2-3 days! I think what I took away from the experience the most was realizing how important it is for women and young girls to be educated on lingerie and how it is supposed to fit. I once read that on average a woman’s bra size changes up to 6 times in her lifetime, so I leave you with this thought…how long have you been wearing the same size?

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