Plus size ladies can proudly show off their beautiful full figures by wearing the proper lingerie. Big, beautiful women need to wear comfortable full figure bras that cover and support their generous curves. Full-figured women typically have bigger breasts and wider busts than their peers, which is why some of them have trouble finding bras of the “right” size in just any store.

Plus size bras can be hard to find because, like any other bra, bras of different brands can feel different despite being of the same measurement. Meticulous fitting is necessary, especially if the wearer is pregnant, and weight gain is inevitable. Plus size women need to find a bra that gives good support without squeezing their bodies. They will also be glad to know that there are bras that fit their bust and cups without making them feel constricted.

The feeling of being constricted can be assuaged by finding bras with comfortable fabrics. Cotton is recommended because it is soft and gentle on the skin, but spandex is flexible and gives adequate support. Satin feels about the same as cotton, while lace—because of its firm make—can also give surprisingly good support to the breasts. Wearers just need to be aware that some fabrics might irritate their skin.

Full cup bras are among the best choices for plus size bras because they give excellent support and effectively conceal the breasts. There are full cup lace bras that look like demi bras with a full-cup lace lining, making them look and feel sexy. Full cup bras effectively make the breasts look nice and round, making wearers feel safe and attractive. Full cup bras also have comfortable wide straps that support the breasts without cutting through the skin of the shoulders.

Some women need plus size bras that accentuate and properly support sagging breasts. Push-up, contour, and demi bras are appropriate bras to wear in this case because these have soft but strong fabrics that make the breasts look good with a shirt or blouse over them. These also have a sturdy underwire.

Full figure sports bras from retailers like Bits of Lace Fine Lingerie Boutique may or may not have underwire. Wireless plus size sports bras are typically made with good fabric that can support the breasts on their own. Note that sports bras can be slightly smaller than the bra you normally wear.