So many women spend their lives either guessing at their size or choosing the wrong size and never changing. Much of this comes from the stigma attached not only to larger cup sizes and band sizes, but also how difficult women perceive it to be to find a reputable establishment where they can be fitted. Well have no fear, Bits of Lace to the rescue! We specialize in personal and professional bra fitting, both in store and over the phone. While it is always best to be sized by a specialist in person, our phone consultants are both skilled and helpful when it comes to estimating your size.

Bra sizes and shapes


Empreinte Thalia plunge in black

Have you ever heard someone say “oh, I’ve been the same size for years and I just buy whatever is on sale; a bra’s a bra’s, you know?” If this sounds familiar (maybe because you’ve said it yourself), then we should talk bra size and shape.


When you come to be fitted for a bra, our specialists will lead you to our extensive Pull Closet where virtually every possible fit of bra is available to try.  We choose from the closet based on your needs and our assessment of your shape. The cup sizes range from A-K and the band sizes reach from 30-46. It is possible to manipulate any realistic combination of these sizes to best suit our customers’ bodies.

Many sizes are difficult to find in commercial lingerie stores, so people often settle for the wrong size, and end up in a poorly fitting bra. At Bits of Lace we ensure that this never happens by taking our time with each customer and trying multiple fits of each size, which leads us to our next topic, bra shape.


PrimaDonna Deauville demi in black


Most women don’t realize it, but the shape of their bra is just as important as their size. This makes sense because all breasts are not created equal; some breasts are weighted lower, some higher, some on the outside, some on the inside. Some women’s breasts are set farther apart, and some closer together, and lets not forget nipples; they’re all different, which means diverse cup material and texture is necessary for the right coverage. That said, each collection of bra that we carry is shaped differently and will complement a different breast type.

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