Many women today are determined to make smarter choices, especially when it comes to their health and fitness. They spend hours each week engaging in various forms of exercise to improve their physical stamina and steer clear of a wide range of lifestyle diseases. To provide adequate support and minimize the risk of torn chest ligaments, physically active women need to wear quality sports bras.

Unlike the arms and legs that are composed of bones and muscles, the breasts are only made up of fibrous, glandular, and fatty tissues. A sports bra is designed to provide the kind of support breasts need during strenuous workouts. Meanwhile, the type of fabric used plays a key role in terms of function and comfort.


Some women prefer cotton because it is a comfortable material for clothing and undergarments. Yet, while a cotton sports bra offers sufficient comfort during moderate physical activity, the fabric inevitably absorbs moisture. This can make a woman feel heavy and uncomfortable when she starts to sweat heavily during an intense routine.


When it comes to workout routines that involve a lot of bending and stretching, a spandex sports bra is perhaps the most suitable choice. For decades, athletes like gymnasts and cyclists have relied on this elastic fabric to provide utmost comfort, without tearing easily or getting out of shape. However, some people with sensitive skin have been known to develop allergic reactions to synthetic fabrics like spandex.


This versatile synthetic material made from polyester and polyamide combines the comfort of cotton and the elasticity of spandex. Microfiber sports bras offer the ultimate support for breasts without making the wearer feel the least bit restrictive. So if you’re looking for the best brassiere for your active lifestyle, you certainly can’t go wrong with microfiber.

Trusted retailers like Bits of Lace Fine Lingerie offer a good selection of sports bras made of cotton, spandex, and microfiber that are sure to make your every workout as comfortable as possible. With the right sports bras, you can minimize discomfort, prevent injury, and keep your breasts adequately supported. To flaunt your hard-earned figure, you may also want to check out the various options for sexy underwire bra.


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