MailChimp_NewsletterImage-page-001When it comes to lingerie, #EveryoneHasAStory. Among those stories are descriptions of lifestyle activities that coincide with the choices, both women and men, make about their undergarments. Although, each person’s individual needs are different from the other, there is one parallel similarity… we all have a story about who we are, where we are, and how it impacts our bodies.

With over 37 years of professional experience in listening to customer’s stories and assisting their lingerie needs, Bits of Lace recognized how important a person’s story was to the type of undergarments they wore. Our mission is to educate and encourage individuals on the importance of proper undergarment fittings, as it directly affects the way we see and feel about ourselves.

It was important to us that #EveryoneHasAStory captured real people with real stories. We chose to cast non-actors who had never shopped or been properly fitted for their undergarments. Our interviews consisted of two segments: an interview before being fitted and one after being fitted by our bra specialist. Each person’s story varied depending on their gender, age, health, career, undergarment needs, and lifestyle. We filmed hours of each person’s day to day life, following them inside their homes and around the city.

When we asked Teresa Wallace to describe who she was in one sentence her response was, “I am a mother and a teacher, and I’m a full time everything”.  For most mothers, comfort is their most important need and many feel that they must sacrifice feeling sexy for a bra that’s comfortable. However, we proved to Teressa that she didn’t have to compromise style and fit, for basic comfort.

Here is her story…

So tell us… What is YOUR story? Using the #EveryoneHasAStory post or submit your own personal stories to us ( and let us help you improve your fit.

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