How many did you already know from the first piece? Now we will continue with our list of bras:

Types of Bras (continued)

Adhesive bra:  The adhesive bra molds to your breasts like second skin.  This strapless bra doesn’t have any bands and doesn’t provide much support, either.  It does, however, allow you to wear backless dresses and tops.  These bras can either be disposable or reusable with washable silicone. 

Training bra: The (likely) non-padded bra you wore when you first started to develop breasts.  If you have a daughter and need tips on how to help her buy her first training bra, you might want to check out this small refresher.

Bandeau:  As the name suggests, this is a band of fabric that wraps around your chest.  It doesn’t provide much shape and is sometimes worn like a shirt (say, under overalls). These are best for those with a smaller bust.

Convertible bra: The straps can be detached and rearranged depending on your outfit.  They can also include plastic straps.  Criss-cross the straps, or create a halter or one-shouldered effect.   

Full-support bra: The full-support bra offers extra support for anyone in need of it.  If you’ve got a large bust, a full-support bra will work well for you.  It is also great because it will ease some of the pressure on your back that you might feel from having the extra weight from your chest. 

Front closure bra: A stylistic choice, this bra isn’t much different from a bra that hooks in the back.  It just lies flat in the back and hooks in the front.  It’s sometimes easier for women with limited mobility to wear as it’s less complicated to put on and take off.

Mastectomy bra: This bra is for those among us who have battled breast cancer and have lost either one or both breasts.  These bras are specifically created to make life a little bit easier and hold the prosthesis in place. 

Minimizer bra:  While some women want to make their bust look bigger, others want to lessen the focus on their chest. The minimizer bra is designed to make your bust look smaller.  For example, if you’re a 34C or above and want to look one cup size smaller, this is for you. 

Maternity bra:  This bra is expandable, so it can increase as needed during your pregnancy. 

Nursling bra: These bras are created with flaps that can be pulled down easily.  

Padded bra: The padding in these bras will make your chest look fuller, if this is your intended desire.   

T-shirt bra: The t-shirt bra is similar to a padded bra and gives extra padding to the bra. The only difference is that it’s made to be worn with a t-shirt. 

So, there you have it.  How many of these bras did you already know?  Which ones are new for you?  While some of these bras are extremely specialized, we still offer a wide selection that includes many of these bras.  Do you need a minimizer bra?  Or how about a pushup bra?  Well, look no further than!