As fashion trends evolved from the raw fibers and animal skins of early man to the flamboyant dresses of the 18th Century European aristocrats, so did women’s undergarments. Today, a woman with full size breasts no longer has to suffer in silence from poor fitting brassieres. In fact, if you’re looking for fashionable yet comfortable plus size bras, there is a wide variety from which you can choose from. Here are the top four bra types that should ideally be in your underwear drawer:

Contour Bras: Shape up your breasts and highlight your figure.

Women, who long for breasts that look full and shapely under their favorite outfits will definitely love contour bras. Plus size contour bras give breasts a better lift, and do a great job in concealing the nipples. They are available in various styles such as demi cups, strapless, and plunge.

Full Cup Bras: Cover up and contain your breasts in style.

Unlike most bras that aim to emphasize the bosom or cleavage, full cup bras are designed to eliminate cleavage by covering the breasts with full cups. These are best for well-endowed and pregnant women who require more support. Made of durable and first-class materials, full cup bras ensure full coverage.

Lace Bras: Sultry and pretty additions to your lingerie collection.

Whether it’s due to their fine texture or intricate details, you can’t deny the fact that lace undergarments exude a sexy, yet demure appeal. In fact, lace bras never go out of style. Pair them up with a lacy bikini, thong, or appealing plus size panties, and experience the comfort as well as the enticing feel of lace.

Multi-Positional Bras: Different strap combinations for everything you wear.

If you’re looking for a bra that you can wear with anything in your wardrobe, you can’t go wrong with a multi-positional bra. It has adjustable straps that can be reconfigured for racerback, halter, or tube tops. Leading fine lingerie stores like Bits of Lace have multi-positional bras in a variety of styles, including seamless, contour, and push-up.

Thanks to the advancements in lingerie design, there’s no way that a full-figured woman can’t find a plus size bra with a perfect fit, in any style. Even women with sagging or asymmetrical breasts can enjoy maximum comfort and accentuated curves with some of the specially designed bras.