Finding brassieres that are stylish and provide adequate support and comfort can be a challenge for women with ample bosoms. Fortunately, Prima Donna, a leading lingerie brand, has met the needs of ladies with bountiful breasts to create bras with the “perfect fit”. Today, quality Prima Donna bras are among the top choices in brassieres for women with large cup sizes. Here are some little-known facts about these bras that make them oh-so-special.

They have a “bra test” panel for quality control.

Before designs for Prima Donna bras are finalized, and prior to their sale, a panel of women with different cup sizes and chest measurements test each prototype for correctness of fit. This ensures that any flaws are noted early on, and the necessary improvements are carried out. Besides, who would best know what a woman needs and wants than another woman?

They are handmade with care and accuracy.

Makers of Prima Donna bras know that comfort and proper fit are determined by the details of each garment; thus they carefully form each piece by hand. Underwires are sheathed in foam rubber and nylon, and fastenings are covered with soft velour to prevent pinching and chafing. In fact, a Deauville bra, from one of its best-selling collections, is stitched together at 32 different points with three types of superior thread.

There are around 58 sizes available.

If you need a comfortable plus size strapless bra, you’re certain to find one with Prima Donna. From B to I cups, every full-figured woman is sure to find her breasts’ new best friends. Say goodbye to your old, poor-fitting bras; and feel the luxury and joy of wearing the ultimate undergarment that doesn’t jab or pinch.

They are meticulously designed for maximum comfort.

Genuine Prima Donna bras have straps that run into the back wings, and have a balanced U shape to allow optimum support. Women with lopsided or asymmetrical breasts can benefit from the extra side sections and lower cups that are well curved to effectively lift the breasts to acquire a beautiful shape.

Thousands of women have already experienced the Prima Donna difference. If you want to experience it yourself, you can easily purchase these well-made and elegant bras from fine lingerie stores like Bits of Lace. You and your breasts deserve only the best.