“Je ne peux effacer l’empreinte du passé.”

One thing every woman laments is the cost of a good bra, mostly because you know in three months the band will be stretched out, the color will begin to fade (especially if it is a favorite), the straps will stretch and need constant adjusting … it feels like no designers make a high-quality great bra anymore.

But what if there is?

Empreinte is shrouded in mystery because they are not mainstream nor are they copied. You won’t find a knock-off to match the incredible wear you will get from an Empreinte bra. Founded in 1946 by Jean Le Her, Empreinte started as a small company in Brest, France making girdles and underskirts. The name of the company was taken from a French song and the lyrics translate to “I cannot erase the imprint of the past.” With a history as long and successful as Empreinte’s, it absolutely should be preserved and not erased.

Empreinte's black lacy bra in EliseRight from the beginning, innovation has been the vision and the primary company value. In 1948, many designers were creating the “bullet” bra. It was a huge fashion sensation in the United States, creating a pointed bust for women to flaunt. Instead, Le Her’s collaborators created cup sizes A through C with D not coming into the market until 1960 and expanding to E in 1962.

Continuing on the path of innovation, Empreinte embraced the liberation movement of the 1960s by doing away with the girdle and designing a lighter line of lingerie. Staying on the cutting edge of fashion, their new design made a woman’s body look natural and feel freer than ever.

The materials Empreinte uses in line with the design goals is truly what sets them apart from the rest. The cup of each bra is made with non-elastic material such as tulle, lace, and non-stretch microfiber. This gives full support to a woman’s breasts, keeping the shape for years instead of just months.

Straps are always a point of frustration for women. Whether digging into your shoulder or arbitrarily slipping off, the more you wear a bra the less elasticity the straps have. With Empreinte’s clever design, you will never have these problems. They have 40% less elasticity than other brands, and the strap widens as the cup size goes up to prevent cutting into your shoulder.

Empreinte's white lace undergarments in Lilly RoseDuring the 1980s, fashion became flashy and women wore less. Empreinte responded with sensual lines in their lingerie as well as expanding into swimwear. The philosophies that kept them going for 40 years held true through the 80s, giving women well-constructed, supportive bras that were sensual and sexy. It was if Empreinte knew what women were thinking!

As if they could read women’s minds, two of the best parts of the bra design of Empreinte are the back band and their amazing underwire. How many times has your back band stretched out so much it barely felt there? When the elastics along the sides were cutting into you in sensitive areas like under your armpits? Or when your underwire twisted and dug into your ribcage?

The design of the back band keeps it from overstretching by using material that is only 100% elastic instead of the industry standard of 140%. This helps it retain the shape and support of your chest from front to back. The underwire Empreinte uses is thicker and wider, preventing it from twisting and is also virtually unbreakable!

To increase the mystery of the incredible lingerie from Empreinte, you can only find it at select retailers. Here in the United States, you will find small boutiques that carry select designs. OccasionallyEmpreinte's black bra with pink lace in Kaela style you can find an online retailer that carries Empreinte, but it is rare. When you do find a site that carries Empreinte, be sure to make a note, as you will want to buy one as soon as possible!

Empreinte has changed their product line throughout the years to meet the needs of women around the world. Yes, you will pay extra for the exquisite design and high-quality construction but it will last you for years, as opposed to months. A piece of lingerie from Empreinte is an investment in yourself.