pompadour_bra_smallerThis year Empreinte Lingerie is celebrating its 70th anniversary and we are so excited to celebrate with them! To honor this company dedicated to fashionable, functional, and fabulous lingerie we’ve decided to share a bit of their story with you! After reading, check out their collection, and let us know if you want to add Empreinte to your repertoire!

The Origin Story

In 1946, founder Jean Le Her began Empreinte’s journey toward creating beautiful and practical lingerie with a team of four. The company’s initial offerings included girdles for the women of Europe, but they soon moved into bras sized A-C. As time went on their repertoire continued to expand, first with cup sizes D-G, and then with strapless bras and swimwear. Today the company is focused on durable and attractive lingerie and offers bras sized 32G to 46G.

What Sets Empreinte Apart?

Empreinte takes a great deal of pride in the construction of their bras which are designed meticulously to both look beautiful and do their job in a way that leaves the wearers free from worries. They focus on five key points to achieve this. The cups are made of fabric (tulle, lace, or microfiber) with minimal elastane fabric. By using a less stretchy fabric to create cups, the bra lasts longer and fits the body better.

This commitment to minimal stretching continues in the bra’s back, by using fabrics that stretch 40% less than their competitors. Empreinte calls this technique “Liveliness”, and indeed, using fabrics that can stand up to daily wear does lengthen a bra’s life.

The start of the straps, and actual straps, are also essential to a bra’s life. Empreinte starts their strap construction with a “chimney” configuration that helps spread the weight of your bust across your back. This is an essential way to prevent undue back pain or stress on the garment. Doing this puts less pressure on the actual straps of the bra which elongates its life and protects your back.

Finally, the underwire. A poking or loose underwire is something all women hate, so Empreinte works hard to avoid this. An underwire fully enclosed by fabric reduces the chance of it coming loose and also creates a slimming look that is “spectacular when you have your shirt back on and you look in a mirror.”

Then these five factors come together they create a superior undergarment that you can be proud to wear for years to come.


Foundations of Style

While the technical aspects of how Empreinte designs their bras are important, it’s also worth mentioning that they are just as dedicated to making their products visually pleasing! Their lead designer, Marlies Vesters, is a fine arts school graduate who finds inspiration in her drawing and painting background. Just like other artists, she lets inspiration strike her in a number of environments, carrying ideas from one project to the next. She’s not alone in her creative endeavors, however. Marlies views the design and production of Empreinte’s many lines—basic, daily refinement, and seduction—as collaborative. People from all areas of the company are encouraged to chime in to solve problems and overcome challenges. This communicative environment results in products that work for a wide variety of wearers.

We are so pleased to see such a wonderful company successfully making its way into its seventieth year. We encourage you to celebrate with them on their anniversary site, but also celebrate with us by adding one of their bras to your collection! Bits of Lace is happy to do what it takes to make sure you get your perfect fit, and enjoy the full benefits of this storied company’s wonderful products.