The Pull Closet in the back of the store is in perfect order, each contoured cup, from 30 to 40, A to H, is fitted neatly within the set before it and all of the soft, molded models hanging evenly next to one another.
It’s Monday morning.  The electronic bell chimes, which signals our first customer of the day. She, let’s call her Lola, strolls in with a wide-brimmed straw hat set at a fashionable tilt and a beautiful designer handbag, just large enough to contain a small dog that she makes kissy noises at and calls “Bebe”. She needs three things, Lola says, pulling off her sunglasses and setting the bag and Bebe on the counter: a strapless bra, a t shirt bra, and something saucy in her size. We are happy to oblige and I canter off to the upstairs immediately to pull strapless bras in a 34D, which I’m sure is just her size.
I know that all sounds very easy, but the work of bra sizing is in the details, and it takes many hours in the fitting room with many different types of women to begin to understand how a bra fits and what the best fit for a particular lady may be. In this show the audience not only observes, but participates as well, going behind the curtain in our fitting room to see how we work.
We like to see each bra that a customer picks out on them before they leave and also make suggestions as to how the bra is best worn. This is the most important part of what we do, since it is our fit that assures that you leave with a bra that lifts, supports, smooths and pleases YOU. Major life-changes can also alter someone’s fit. For example, puberty, pregnancy, weight loss/gain, aging, breastfeeding, surgery, and beginning/going off of birth control can greatly alter not only weight, but also breast mass. In short, if you have either been a year since being fitted and/or have experienced one of these great movements of life, now is the perfect time to come in and be fitted by our professionals!
Lace and Love,