Modern-day brassieres and panties are widely known to have been derived from earlier undergarments such as corsets and pantalets respectively; but they may actually have been in use longer than most people think. In fact, ancient Greek and Roman murals depicted female athletes wearing what looked like modern bikini sets. Recently, in Austria, a 600-year-old brassiere was found in a castle, constructed in a design resembling that of modern-day full figure bras.

By the late 19th century, the bra steadily gained favor as the corset lost its appeal. Women back then wore prototype brassieres that covered and supported their breasts without compromising respiration and circulation. As time passed, the brassiere developed into various styles. For example, some bras are designed to maximize comfort, while others serve a more aesthetic function.

Pettipants and bloomers were invented at around the same time, and eventually became the forerunners of panties. The word “panties” is always in plural form because the original lingerie items for women’s intimate parts consisted of two pieces sewn or tied together at the waist. This posed a problem during menstruation, as women would bleed onto their dresses and leave trails of blood, which was unsightly and highly unsanitary.

Thus, pettipants and bloomers were developed to make women feel more secure and comfortable at the same time. Pettipants vary in length; and are distinguishable by their decorative ruffles reminiscent of petticoats. Meanwhile, bloomers somewhat resemble historical leggings, but are, instead, sewn as single garments.

Panties later came into the picture, and were developed in various styles. Older panties looked rather big, with their waistbands typically at level with one’s bellybutton. While this style is still in use today, most women now prefer tight-fitting panties with waistbands that ride lower on the hips. A lot of girls also like to wear boy shorts and bikini panties that accentuate the shape of one’s thighs and hips.

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