Let’s get real girls… we all need a little help sometimes. Whether it’s a little tummy bulge or a derriere in need of a lift, we’ve all got something to hide. The good news? It’s not just us mere mortals. Celebrities from all walks of life have gone on record praising the almighty power of Spanx, from stately Helen Mirren to sumptuous Beyonce and everyone in between.

Spanx Higher Power

But that’s not all folks. Most of us know (and have lived) the horrors of back fat. We at Bits of Lace are proud to announce that back fat is no more! We have conquered the almighty back-fat beast with more shapewear options than ever before.

Let’s start with the ‘Even More Torsette’* by TC Fine which features firm control for ultimate smoothing and a sleek silhouette. Made to be worn as a camisole over your bra, this piece features a low U-shaped neckline with a high back designed to give you control where you need it and freedom where you don’t.

TC Even More Firm Control Torsette

Perhaps you’re one of the lucky ones though who doesn’t need much control but would still like a bra with a little built in smoothing in the back. Rest assured that Spanx has heard your prayers and responded with Bra-llelujah, a line of bras that all feature a front clasp and a thick, stretchy back band designed to eliminate unsightly bulges.

Spanx Bra-llelujah Racerback Bra

Still not sure what you’re looking for? Come on in and browse through what we at Bits of Lace call our ‘Muffin Top Free Zone’ featuring endless options from Spanx, TC Fine, Yummie Tummie and Sassybax.

Love & Lace,


*sold exclusively in-store, call (843) 577-0999 for details