As you learned last week, Angela Mallen is a woman who love athletics. Sports are somehow involved in every area of her life, even work! Prior to her Bits of Lace sports bra trial, her biggest challenge with a sports bra is that for one reason or another (poor fit, poor support, sweat collecting around the band) her mind was too much on her bra and not entirely on her workout.

After trying on several brands and styles of sports bras, she walked away from her Bits of Lace bra fitting completely content with the Anita Momentum Sports Bra.

Angela’s favorite features of the bra:

-Its price point: just $69! Although slightly more expensive than department/chain store bras, Angela believes the price difference pays for itself in spades. The quality, support, style and comfort the Anita brand offers is worth extra money.

– Its unique moisture wicking fabric and open mesh back, designed to keep women cool and dry. The fabric wicks sweat away from the body almost immediately after it hits the skin. It does not pool between the breasts as many other sports bras do.

-Although the bra is a compression cup style, it still gave her a great lift, support and separation- not “smooshing” and flattening as other sports bras had.

-This is the first sports bra she can wear while socializing after a tennis match and not worry or feel self conscious about its appearance or visible sweat.

-The bra looked so great on- seamless, smooth, supportive, comfortable- she is even able to wear it as an everyday T-Shirt Bra.

All in all, Angela fell in love with the Momentum and her sports bra trial went amazing. A Bits of Lace everyday bra advocate before, and now a Bits of Lace sports bra advocate, as well! Thank you, Angela for putting our sports bras to work and for being a great example for other female athletes to follow.