You think you’re busy, then you meet Angela Mallen, someone who can only be described as a modern day Wonder Woman.

When she’s not working for the Charleston ESPN Classic college basketball tournament, sideline reporting for ESPN3 or giving play-by-play for College of Charleston Women’s Basketball, she’s with her friends, she’s collaborating with a clean water charity, or doing any combination of tennis, golfing, spinning or running. She does it all, and does it all with a smile on her face and stop-at-nothing attitude.

Angela is a Bits of Lace believer; she’s shopped at the boutique for years and wears her favorite Prima Donna plunge bra with pride. Her sports bras, on the other hand, like most women, are collected from chain stores, athletic outlets and everywhere in between. We invited Angela to take a Bits of Lace Sports Bra for a test drive as our featured September Bits of Lace Woman.

Bits of Lace Manager, Buyer and Fitter Extraordinaire, Zee Patel, fit Angela in the Momentum Sports Bra by Anita Active. It’s a wireless sports bra, or in more technical bra terms an “encapsulation bra”. The standout features of this bra is its ability to lift and separate the breasts (no “uniboob” here) and its awesome mesh fabric that wicks sweat away from the body almost immediately. Zee fit Angela in this bra after a one-on-one consultation and fitting session.

Here’s How the Bit Of Lace Sports Bra Fitting Process Works:

Zee and Angela outside Bits of Lace

–  Your Bra Fit Specialist will ask you what bra size you currently wear and what your favorite bra style is. Your sports bra size will typically stay true to your normal bra size. Your favorite bra style helps us determine which brand you will like best and if you’d prefer an underwire or compression cup.

–  Your Fitting Specialist will ask what activities you are involved in and how frequently you exercise.

–  The impact level and type of movements required for your favorite activities determines which bras your Fitting Specialist will suggest. Just like standard bras, there is no one, universal sports bra for every activity, but we’ll find you a bra that is just right.

So, how did Angela’s new sports bra work out? Check back next week for the answer.