How do I love thee, NuBra? Let me count the ways…

1. You allow me to wear cute summery tops without straps and bands peeking out. I can sport a whole new wardrobe with backless shirts, one shoulder tops, even dresses with fun back cut-outs.

2. Your self-adhesive cups are easy to position and stay in place even on a steamy August night. You peel right off without leaving stickiness behind.

3. I can find a reason to wear you all year round. You’ll come to my rescue again for formal events and holiday parties.

4. You shape, support and lift, just like a standard bra does. Your cups have a smooth satiny finish, completely disappear under clothing and conceal the nipples.

5. With just a little soap and warm water, I can wash and reuse you.

6. You are portable and easy to pack, fitting perfectly in your small plastic case.

7. You have an amazing size range for women who wear cup sizes A-DD.

8. You are so affordable! The Original NuBra costs $49 and the Push Up NuBra costs $53 for an extra lift.

A NuBra is an absolute must-have. Bits of Lace carries a large selection at the boutique. Our Bra Fit Specialists will help you select the right size and show you how to correctly position and adhere the cups on your body.

If you can’t come to the store, call us for a size and style consultation at 1-800-842-3990 or send us an e-mail at