Flavio, why do you tease me so? You’re an optical illusion of beauty.

From a distance, Flavio appears to be plaid. A beautiful plaid, in cobalt blue or firey red woven through beige and brown into an open pattern. A perfect schoolgirl-esque replacement for the bright colors I left behind this summer with the Justin collection. Your divine double spaghetti straps pack a bright punch of color with an adorable metal buckle, just in case you peek out under a dress or blouse. I had to call you my own.

A New Love for the Fall

A New Love for the Fall in Red Pepper

When I had you in my hands, I watched your plaid print unfold into rows of tiny cubes, bursting over a silky smooth microfiber. A modern, geometric print that traces the natural curves of the body, enhancing and complimenting curves.

I should have known you were up to something, Flavio. A collection from Marie Jo L’Aventure always is. There is always a trick up L’Aventure’s sleeves: an extra flair to enjoy, a spicy secret to keep.

Flavio, why I love you even more, is behind all the fun and beauty, you fit like a glove. You offer variety for every woman who wants to wear you.

Flavio in Full View

Flavio is styled in a Push Up Bra, Seamless T-Shirt Bra or Molded Demi Cup Bra, in cup sizes 32A to 38C, 32A to 40D and 32B to 40E respectively. And to accompany Flavio bras, are a choice of bikini, low rise bikini, boyshort or thong. Each panty is sleek and seamless with razor cut edges. Even the bikini’s panty lines disappear under my new repertoire of fall clothing selections.

There’s nothing like a new love for the fall. Find Flavio here or gaze at other new collections from Marie Jo and Marie Jo L’Aventure. You can also find Flavio at Bits of Lace Charleston boutique.