Quality Prima Donna bras, which are available in shops like Bits of Lace, offer women of all cup sizes maximum comfort and style. It’s a brand known for its perfect fit and fashionable designs catering to women with a taste for beautiful lingerie.  Though they don’t come cheap, ladies feel these items are worth every penny because of the comfort and reliable support they offer.

Like any other brand, Prima Donna has a wide ranging inventory. To complete the sophisticated look the brand name suggests, there is also a line of panties to match their brassieres. Below are different bra styles designed to match every preference.

Spacer Bras

These are made from breathable foam and fabric. They are perfect for summer, as they can keep you cool and perspiration-free while offering breast coverage and support. The secret lies in the cups, which are made from fine top and bottom layers that sandwich a wavy corrugated filament. This setup allows the skin to breathe through the fabric layers.

Demi Bras

Demi is French for half. True to its name, this bra offers half coverage, yet provide full breast support. The cups of these bras cover half or three-quarters of the breast, and leave the upper bust exposed. They push breasts towards the center to create more cleavage.

Full Cup Bras

The opposite of the demi, this bra style provides coverage for the entire breast. These are recommended for women who are wary of their large bust size, and need underwear that encloses the whole breast in the bra cup, thus downplaying the cleavage.

Minimizer Bra

This is another style that can work wonders for women with large breasts. By holding the breasts closer to the body, it can give the illusion of an almost two-inch cup reduction. It works through compression, which helps push breast tissues towards the chest, and construction, which pushes breast tissue towards the armpits.

Seamless Bras

This type of bra offers incognito support and coverage. These along with seamless bikini panties are the perfect combo for fitted and bondage dresses. Seamless bras are typically made of factory molded and stretched nylon with no internal seams of stitching on the cups and bands.

Prima Donna bras cater to the needs and preferences of well-endowed women. With the support and coverage they offer, it will be a sin to walk out with visible bra lines and defined muffin tops.