Some women have experienced unfortunate “wardrobe malfunctions” during workouts because their sports bras somehow do not fit them well despite being the same size as their other bras. What a lot of women may not know is that proper sports bras need to be slightly smaller than typical bras because the sports bra needs to cling to the body and support the breasts firmly. Your sports bra may or may not have underwire; however, women with bigger breasts may feel more comfortable with sports bras with underwire.

Sports bra cups are different from typical bra cups. There are compression bras made with flexible fabrics that hug the bust and keep the breasts from bouncing too much. There are also encapsulation bras that accentuate the shape of the breasts.

Compression bras are recommended for women with A and B cups, while encapsulation bras are recommended for D and DD cups. There are also sports bras that combine these two, for women with C and D cups. Encapsulation bras are recommended for big-breasted women because these hold the breasts in place without the tight, “flattening” feeling on the bust.

Women are recommended to have both compression bras and encapsulation bras in their size for low-impact, medium-impact, or high-impact exercise. High-impact and medium-impact exercises include running, aerobics, skiing, and hiking. The breasts need utmost comfort and support for these exercises. Low-impact exercises include yoga, weightlifting, and cycling. Adequate support will suffice for these exercises. A sports bra with underwire is comfortable for plus-size women because it gives adequate support in any exercise without pressing against the breasts.

The fabric of the bra needs to be snug, but not tight enough to chaff the skin. Most sports bras have wide straps that make the bra feel more like a form-fitting tank top than an actual bra. However, there are sports bras with narrow straps, too. These are recommended for women with modest breasts because the straps are less likely to chafe the skin.

When fitting a new sports bra from Bits of Lace Fine Lingerie Boutique, women are recommended to move around and bounce to see if the bra becomes maladjusted after much movement. If this happens, keep trying on different bras until you find the right fit. If you sweat easily even when performing low-impact exercises, there are sports bras with high-performance fabrics to absorb sweat.