The female form comes in all shapes and sizes, and these differences should be celebrated. Finding lingerie that suits your body and style can take perseverance, but the rewards of finding your perfect fit are endless. Wearing beautiful lingerie is not solely something to do in order to entice your partner, but rather a very personal expression of self care and love.

It can be easy to believe that there is one “standard” size in the world of lingerie, but this stereotype is (thankfully) false. You don’t have to be a model to look and feel beautiful in your underthings. Whether you’re a seasoned hand in all things silky or a beginner filled with trepidation, we’ve compiled some guidelines will help you choose lingerie that celebrates your body to the fullest. Check out our top eight tips for donning lingerie and get ready to feel confident and beautiful every day!

1 // Get the Right Fit

When it comes to lingerie, getting the right fit is the most important factor. Wearing the right size and style will make you feel confident and beautiful while undergarments that are unsupportive or too small will not complement your body to its fullest. It may seem like a basic subject, but you might be surprised to know that 8 out of 10 women (aka 80%) are wearing the wrong size bra. Let that statistic sink in, and ask yourself: When was the last time you were fitted for a bra?

It’s important to keep in mind that seemingly small changes in your body can affect your bra size. The average woman’s bra size will change six times over the course of her life. Experts recommend being re-fit with any significant weight change, pregnancy/nursing, surgery, hormonal fluctuation, or even a change in exercise routine.

When shopping for properly fitting underpinnings, our best advice is to pay a visit to your local, independent lingerie shop to get properly sized. Unlike department stores and retail chains, independent lingerie boutiques have highly trained fitting experts that can accurately measure and fit you. Even better, they can hand select a few pieces for you to try on that go with your unique style and personality. Once you know your size, the real fun can begin.

A bra fitting may sound intimidating, but the results can be life-changing. Many women leave a bra fitting feeling empowered and more in control of their bodies, even if they didn’t walk into the store feeling very comfortable. Moreover, they actually look thinner, more lifted, and comfortably supported.

If it’s been a while since your last bra fitting (or you’re not sure if you were ever wearing the right size to begin with), pay a visit to a lingerie boutique that employs a team of bra fit specialists. It’s the first step in finding owning your curves and confidence.

2 // Embrace Your

With all the pressures from fashion magazines and the media, it can be easy to succumb to the pressures of being a certain size. Please don’t ascribe to this one-type-fits-all outlook. Not only does it erode your confidence, but it can affect how you view your self-worth.

Instead, ignore the noise and embrace the size that you are. Women come in all shapes and it’s important to embrace your body. Studies show that women are way more critical of body types than men. Generally speaking, people are more attracted to positive energy and attitude rather than a particular weight or height.

When you go for a professional bra fitting, you may be surprised to learn your true size. After all, it can be a shock to learn that your breasts are a different size when you’ve been wearing the same cup and band size for years. Don’t get hung up on the number. It has no meaning unless you give it the power to affect you. Instead, think of it as a roadmap to help you discover all the beautiful lingerie perfect for you.

Wearing the proper size isn’t only important when it comes to bras- the same holds true for all of your undergarments. Squeezing yourself into a panty or teddy that is too small will interrupt the lines of your body and give you an unflattering silhouette.

We recommend always shopping at a lingerie store to find the best selection and the support of a highly trained staff. It may be tempting to think that a department store would offer the largest range in sizes, but that’s simply not true. The current average bra size in America is 34DD, but most large retail brands only stock a few options for sizes larger than a D cup.

Not only do boutique lingerie shops stock a wide array of bra sizes, but they offer a carefully curated selection of underwear, sleepwear, and sexy undergarments to celebrate your shape.

3 // Be True to Your

Lingerie is not just about garters and thigh-high stockings- it’s a way to express your sensual side, which can mean something different to every woman. If you’re relatively new to lingerie, we recommend you invest in quality staple pieces and then build your collection from there. For instance, every woman benefits from having a seamless bra in nude and black. Once you have those pieces, consider pairing them with a cheeky knicker and a garter belt.

If your style veers away from the ultra-feminine, try a boy short and tank top. Sleepwear and shapewear are also great lingerie essentials. Not only is shapewear a lingerie fundamental, it comes in super sexy styles (like the Marie Jo Jane Bodysuit) that help mold your shape into the classic hourglass figure.

Regardless of your taste in lingerie, it’s important to choose pieces that fit your shape. Remember that the most important factor in feeling sexy isn’t what you are wearing, but how it makes you feel. When you are comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing, you’ll exude charisma and captivate those around you.

4 // Wear Lingerie for Yourself
as well as Others

It can seem easy to dismiss lingerie if you don’t have someone to share it with, but we think that wearing beautiful undergarments reinforces a positive view of yourself. Lingerie is so much more than a bedroom accessory and deserves to be celebrated as something you wear every day because it makes you feel fabulous.

By all means, continue to share it with your partner, but don’t forget to wear it to celebrate your own fabulousness. Even if you’re single (perhaps especially if you’re single), wearing lingerie provides a way to express your individuality and sensuality. Even without an audience, wearing beautiful lingerie every day sends a powerful message to yourself that you’re worth it.

5 // Invest in Quality

The technical aspects of lingerie boil down to fit, construction, and quality fabric. Well-crafted lingerie involves engineering and science to ensure the proper function. Bras come in different shapes and colors, but also vary in construction.

It might surprise you to know that bras aren’t created with identical stitching patterns or seams. They have shared components, but they are fashioned in a variety of ways such as main fabric, facing elastic, strap elastic, binding, wire casing, wires, hook and eyes, slides, rings, labels, and thread. All of these factors contribute to how the bra supports and shapes the breasts.

Lingerie is also made from many different fabrics like lace and silk, with special embellishments, and unique designs. Intricate, timeless, and beautiful, lace is a preferred detailing for many lingerie designers. Lace garments are woven from cotton, silk, or even synthetic thread into an open-weave pattern.

Though there are many types of lace, the most commonly used in lingerie is bobbin/Chantilly lace, which creates a detailed, outlined design. Crocheted lace creates flowing lines, scalloped edging and sometimes a “netted” appearance. Lace can be used on every area of the bra, even sewn over contour cups or affixed to shoulder straps.

Embroidery is another widely used design element that can be as simple as miniature flowers or as intricate as a fully beaded design. European lingerie is especially famous for its embroidery work. Many collections at Bits of Lace collections offer beautifully embroidered details. From lace embroidery sewn onto cups to scalloped embroidered edging or floral embroidered straps, it easily adds a touch of elegance and beauty is added to a garment.

Always a favorite, satin is a soft but taut fabric with a glossy sheen. Bras with a satin construction hold the breasts in place without any extra padding or seaming. This fabric selection has little stretch, so it fits snugly and securely on the body. Satin bras are a beautiful and timeless choice. To learn more about the fabric used to construct lingerie, you can check out this detailed guide to lingerie fabric selections.

6 // Invest in a Matching

While you are certainly free to mix it up, there’s just nothing quite like a matching set of lingerie to take your underwear game to the next level. Once you add a matching set into your wardrobe, this stylish duo will become your go-to option.

Wearing lingerie is all about treating yourself with love, and wearing a matching set is an easy way to feel sexy and confident. For extra oomph, add a matching garter belt or some seamed stockings. Wearing a matching bra and panty set is just like your favorite little black dress: effortless and always in style.

7 // Sexy Underthings Are Not
Just for Big Occasions

Far too many women think that sexy lingerie has to be reserved for big occasions like a wedding or an exotic vacation. We are here to challenge that notion. Why wait for an certain “occasion” when you can make yourself feel like a goddess every day? Nothing will stoke your inner confidence more than slipping into a slinky little number that hugs you in all the right places.

There are also a few underutilized styles of lingerie that can be a fun addition to your wardrobe.For instance, a properly constructed corset is a great piece that can even stand in for a bra. If you’re drawn to vintage-inspired clothing, corsets pair perfectly with a fitted bodice and flared hemlines. For many women, the garter belt is a mysterious item seen only in vintage photographs or men’s magazines. Most modern women are far removed from this undergarment, so the idea of trying on a garter belt, let alone actually wearing one on a daily basis, can seem like an antiquated notion. However, garter belts doesn’t have to be reserved for super sexy special occasions. Not only are they fun to wear just for yourself, but some women find a garter belt and stockings more comfortable than pantyhose or tights. We encourage you to rethink this clever undergarment as a practical everyday garment that can be worn every day.

8 // Enjoy Yourself

Every woman deserves to have a collection of beautiful lingerie. There’s just nothing like wearing luxurious underwear to express your individual style and personality. Celebrate what makes you feel special by donning your favorite lingerie every day.

Here at Bits of Lace Fine Lingerie, we strive to help you feel confident and secure in your lingerie. All of our garments are hand-picked to meet our high quality standards. Feel free to browse our selection of sexy garments, from panties and bras to garter belts both in store and online- it’s time to unleash your inner goddess!