As the first week of the New Year comes to an end, you’re probably starting to realize that maybe those New Year’s resolutions of eating healthy every day were a bit too, ‘agh-em’, ambitious. Let’s be honest, did you really think you were going to wake up after a night of champagne and vodka and suddenly be capable of only eating vegetables and working out every day?! We didn’t think so. And, while losing weight, saving money, or finding love are all inspiring resolutions, they aren’t the only commitments we can dedicate ourselves to in 2016. Making adjustments to your lingerie, and how you care for it, can be just as rewarding as losing a pound. Better yet, just wearing the right bra and size has the ability to make you look skinner without you ever having to step foot on a treadmill. So, wave good-bye to last year’s bad habits, and say hello to the more confident, sexier you.

1. Get Properly Fitted Not Measured

The first step in shopping for new bras is getting a professional fitting, and not the kind that uses a measuring tape. Unlike using a measuring tape, a professional bra fitting will give you a more personalized experience and accurate size. You’ll get the chance to talk one on one with a knowledgable bra fitter, who will not only listen to your specific needs, but will also, show you various bras that compliment your shape and fit comfortably on your body. The best part is that your bra fitter will educate you on the correct positioning and placement of your bra and give you guidance on how to properly care for your lingerie! You’ll leave feeling like a new and improved woman, guaranteed.


2. Wear More Color

Adding color to your lingerie wardrobe will benefit you in more ways than you could ever have thought possible! Lingerie brands design seasonal collections that reflect the color trends in ready-to-wear. Therefore, adding color will not only make you feel great when you put it on in the morning, but it will also, compliment your outfit! This will finally be the year that you’ll stop worrying about your nude bra strap showing because your navy bra will match your dress!

3. Declutter Your Lingerie Drawer

Women are notorious for treating their shoes better than their lingerie, hence, why we all have cluttered lingerie drawers. And as we know, with chaos comes major damage. So, before you go another day scrunching up your skivvies, take the time to throw out any pieces you no longer wear or don’t fit into anymore. On average a woman’s bra size will change up to 6 times in her lifetime, so don’t be surprised when you see just how many bras you actually own versus wear. When you finally tidy up your drawer, neatly lay out your bras and panties rather than folding them. Storing them this way ensures your lingerie retains it’s natural shape and last for a long time.



4. Purchase A Sports Bra That Actually Supports You

Whether you’ve committed to participating in more outdoor activities or you’re shedding those post holiday pounds with a high intensity boot camp, one thing is for certain, you need a sports bra that actually works. And by works, we mean…less bounce, more support. For many women wearing a comfortable sports bra that will suppress and contain, during their low to high impact activities, is essential to a great workout. Before selecting your style, take the time to consider what it is that you actually want and need from your sports bra, such as enclosed underwire, racer back, or moisture wick ability. Anita sports bras are some of the best on the market, providing you with an array of styles and sizes to choose from, all that are designed for various levels of activity.


Anita Momentum Wireless Sports Bra

5. Wear More Attractive Sleepwear

If you’re still wearing an oversized t-shirt or mismatch pajamas, make 2016 the year you finally throw them out. Give yourself an immediate boost of confidence and sexiness by replacing your current sleepwear with more attractive styles, ranging from sexy to conservative. You’ll love slipping into a silky chemise on Monday, pima cotton pajamas on Wednesday, and a lace trim romper on Friday, regardless if someone sees you in them or not.


Eberjey “Plume of Love” Chemise (In stores only)

6. Take Better Care Of Your Bras

When you ask yourself when was the last time I washed my bra, are you embarrassed by your answer? We get it, life gets busy and sometimes that means that your bras only get washed every so often. However, the natural oils and sweat our skin produce daily break down the elasticity of our bras making them stretch out and lose their shape. So, while wearing the same bra every day and going long periods of time between washes may be convenient to your time, it doesn’t benefit your bras. And although you may have lingerie bags handy and a “Delicate Cycle” on the washing machine, neither will properly protect your bra. A spin in the washing machine is dangerous. The hooks can snag, the wires can deform or come loose, and the straps can catch, snap or overstretch. It’s recommended to hand wash your bras every 2-3 wears to ensure your bra will be safe and retain its fit and beauty. Here are some steps for how to properly hand wash.

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