Between work, relationships, and family, it seems almost impossible for women to find time for themselves anymore. Constantly proving their superhuman abilities- who else can feed a baby, make dinner, and talk on the phone at the same time- women hardly ever put their needs first. One of the most commonly overlooked needs as a woman is wearing the proper undergarments. If opening your lingerie drawer takes you back to the days of Madonna or Brittany Spears, then it’s probably safe to say you need a change. Although shopping for the right bra may not be at the top of your to-do list, let us give you three reasons why you deserve a flawless bra-fitting. It’s true, the right bra can change your life.


1. It boosts your self-confidence!

Wearing the proper lingerie makes a difference in how you feel about yourself and how others see you. When you have the right lift and support, you feel happier, sexier, and more confident about your appearance.


2. It can make or break your wardrobe style.

Whether you’re wearing a strapless cocktail dress, a fitted t-shirt, or a structured blouse, every style has it’s own lingerie needs. Perfecting your fashion pieces starts with wearing the appropriate fitting bra and underwear. You would never walk out of the house without the right matching shoes, so why not treat your bras the same?


3. It’s an excuse for “me” time.

Like most busy women, finding time to shop for yourself can be difficult to come by. Lingerie shopping is intimate and self-indulgent so embrace the moment you have to yourself. Every woman deserves a moment of “me” time, and that’s exactly what you’ll get during a bra fitting at Bits of Lace.

Come into Bits of Lace today and get fit to perfection by one of our amazing bra fit specialist. No matter the reason, you’re always worth feeling gorgeous and confident in everything you do!


Author: McKenzie Welch

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