marie_jo_mood_04_low-resAs women, there’s nothing worse than witnessing, or experiencing, the unflattering wardrobe fails known as back fat, saggy breasts, and uniboob.

Whether you’re a size 0 or a size 16, we’ve all had our moments of disgust when it comes to wearing our bras and underwear. And who can blame you for feeling fed up? Walk into any lingerie shop and you’ll find countless cup styles, confusing fabric technology, padded vs. non-padded…the madness never ends!

We get it- wearing the same stretched-out bra and “high-waist” control panty from a frightening department store 3-pack is way less stressful than dealing with the mayhem of new-age lingerie contraptions and innovations. However, through our extensive knowledge on proper undergarment fit, we have found the solutions to fixing the most common mistakes women make, which cause these issues.

Don’t worry, we’re not here to tell you to wear more risqué lingerie, showing more skin is not the goal. Instead, we’re giving you the tips you need to find bras, panties, and shapewear, that not only fit your body perfectly, but that also, flatter your overall look!


Marie_Jo_Laventure_Buzz_Amazone_low-resProblem #1: Back Fat

No one likes to see back bulge, and us women will do just about ANYTHING to hide it…even if that means compromising the fit of our bra. In an effort to avoid the appearance of soft tissue, women will wear bras that are too loose. However, by doing so, you’re actually enhancing the look of back fat since the larger sized band rides up the back and pushes down the soft tissue.

Solution: Snug & Smooth

Your bra should fit snug around your back and sit securely below the shoulder blades, parallel to the floor. Remember, to if you go down in a band size, then go up in a cup size (and if you go up in band size, go down in cup size). If you still worry about the appearance from behind, smooth it out with a shapewear camisole. (Marie Jo Buzz)

Problem #2 Saggy Breasts

Sadly, gravity has no mercy for women and their breasts, and, neither does age (whomp, whomp!). Although the perception of “saggy” is different for every woman, one thing is for certain, back band is AGAIN the culprit.

Solution: Tighter Band & Triangle Cups

90% of your support comes from the back band, therefore; relying on the straps won’t help! A band that fits firmly around your back will give your breasts the support they need to stay lifted in the cup. Once your band size is correct, try triangular shaped cups, as they fit shallower on top giving you better flesh to cup contact, and fully encompass your breast tissue. (Prima Donna Madison)

Problem #3: Uniboob

Just like no one wants a unibrow between their eyes, no one wants a uniboob nestled between their lady lumps! However, uniboob can happen to any woman and the causes are surprising! First, minimizer bras that are designed to reduce the appearance of larger cup size actually bind and compress breast tissue, resulting in a loss of firmness and support. Secondly, too small of a cup size can cause the look of uniboob, as the breast issue is constrained and pushed to the middle of the chest, instead of being lifted and separated.


Solution: Lift & Center

The best fix for uniboob is to find a seamed bra that will lift and center your breasts. By doing so, your bust line will have a more supported and lifted presentation- which gives the appearance of a lengthened and slimmer torso! (Empreinte Melody)


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