28 Thoughts Putting On A Bra

Let’s just come out and say it, having to wear a bra sucks. Wearing a bra that doesn’t fit and has permanent sweat stains, well that’s just a whole other story – as in stop what you’re doing right now and go get properly fitted, not measured.  Now don’t get us wrong, we love our boobies and we love supporting them in beautiful lingerie, but we would be lying if we said that binding, lifting, and sometimes stuffing our breasts, is our favorite womanly duty. So in honor of the struggle us women face everyday, here are 28 thoughts we’ve all had at some point while strapping in our girls.

1. “Hmm..what outfit can I wear today that doesn’t require wearing a bra?”

2. “I wonder if you’ll be able to see my nipples through this fabric?”

3. “I could cover them with bandaids.”

4. “Forget that, I remember how badly that hurt the last time I ripped them off.”

5. “This is cute! Oh wait, I would have to wear a strapless bra…”

6. “I hate strapless bras.”

7. “How hard can it be to design a comfortable strapless bra?”

8. “Ugh, boobs are overrated.”

9. “Maybe I’ll just get implants.”

10. “Or a reduction…”

11. “I wonder how much that cost?”

12. “Thank goodness I don’t have a third boob.”

13. “Oh my gosh, do they even make bras for that?”

14. “Okay, guess I’ll just wear this dress.”

15. “Should I wear a sexy bra or this old thing?”

16. “No one’s going to see me today, I’ll wear this one.”

17. “Great, the wire is popping through.”

18. “I need new bras.”

19. “Do women REALLY match their bra and underwear?”

20. “This bra does nothing for my boobs.”

21. “Maybe if I reach in and pull them up they will look bigger.”

22. “Much better.”

23. “Gosh, this thing is uncomfortable.”

24. “But my boobs look awesome.”

25. “Ew, back fat.”

26. “I need to hit the gym.”

27. “Crap! I’m late! RUN! Hurry!”

28. “Good thing I’m wearing this bra or else my boobs would’ve poked my eye out while running.”


Author: McKenzie Welch (mckenzie@bitsoflace.com)

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