Women are always making every effort to be comfortable with their figure. They undergo relaxing body treatments and buy all types of quality clothing to look better. Even the physical enhancements most women do to their bodies are beginning to influence conventional underwear. Reports say that the median cup size in the U.S. now is pegged at 36DD, from only 36C ten years ago.

This increase in the average breast size of American women, which could have come from a lot of factors besides body building, has prompted ladies to upgrade their regular bras to convenient full figure bras. These offer solid support for ample chests. In 2009, almost 160 million pieces of this undergarment were sold in the U.S. Shopping for full figure bras that fit well and are comfortable seems like a tough chore. Lingerie specialists, such as Bits Of Lace, have these tips.

The first thing you should do is run a tape measure around your ribcage, just under the bust line. The tape must be positioned parallel to the floor and wound tightly around your body. Note the measurement and add a few inches to determine the band size. According to the fashion experts, if the measurement is an even number, you must add two inches for the band size. If it’s an odd number, add three inches.

Next, take the measurement of your bust line by winding the tape measure around your body in the fullest part of the breast. Compare this with the band size. If the difference is three inches, you’re a C-cup woman. If the difference is four, five, and six inches, you’re a cup D, E, and F, respectively.

Once you have determined your cup size, you may now scout for styles that tickle your fancy—molded, full-cup, or lace bras. If you’re in the big lady department and feel that most bras in shops aren’t as comfortable as they should be, you can check the collection of companies like Bits of Lace. They offer a line of snug-fit plus size bras from leading manufacturers. By definition, plus sizes are in the neighborhood of at least 38C and have wider straps with four hooks.

A woman’s underwear is as important as her external attire. Wearing quality but comfy bras allows her to exude a strong sex appeal without feeling artificial about it. The key is in finding the right measurement.