You can grow them, buy them, lose them, and even lift them… yes ladies, we’re talking about your two best friends that rest directly in the middle of your chest. Breasts, boobs, “ta-ta’s”, which ever name you choose to call them, the fact of the matter is, every female is born with them. Although no two women share an identical shape, size, or “lift”, one thing is for certain, we each have an intimate and personal relationship with our breasts that affects the way we feel about ourselves, both physically and emotionally. For some, the larger the more beautiful, and for others, the smaller the more practical. It’s an ongoing wave of emotions that women, and young girls, battle their entire life. So why do women care so much about their precious lady lumps. Well, the answer is simple…they represent our feminine image to society.

For decades, women’s curves have been idolized, sexualized, and scrutinized in media advertising; which in turn, causes women to feel both insecure and inadequate about the shape and size of their natural breasts. As a result, women compare their chest curves with society’s perception of what female attractiveness should look like.

According to the National Cancer Institute, more than 230,000 women in the United States will learn they have breast cancer in 2014. One of the most devastating realities women face with breast cancer is the possibility of losing their most distinctive feminine features, their breast and their hair. Unfortunately, the belief for women is that they won’t appear as attractive to others, or feel as feminine and beautiful as before. We want to change that. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we encourage every woman to embrace their curves, large or small, and be confident that they are beautiful no matter their cup size.

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