When it comes to bras the options are endless, so much so that finding the perfect bra can be a daunting undertaking. For most women, the task is often avoided and we are stuck wearing the same old ill fitting brassiere. At Bits of Lace we specialize in bra fittings by trained professionals, ensuring that the proper size and fit is achieved. The second part of a fitting is determining which style is best for each individual woman’s breast shape. Although two women may be the same band and cup size, different styles will work best depending on the natural shape of the tissue. 

Confusion often arises between choosing a molded or contour cup bra. Molded cups are non-padded and are constructed with pre-sized forms using a heat application on a single piece of fabric. This style presents the breasts in a more natural shape and does not conceal the nipples in most cases, but coverage can vary. The fabric is typically flexible and soft while still remaining taut, strong and supportive. They are designed to mirror a woman’s natural shape and are often made using satin fabric for a smooth look.

Prima Donna Satin

Prima Donna Satin Seamless                               Prima Donna Satin Full Cup

Contour bra styles are lightly padded and constructed with various fabrics and thickness. This contouring helps to conceal the nipple and shape the breasts giving a soft, rounded appearance. This style can conceal asymmetry and is a good chose for in-between sizes or women with uneven breasts. They often have an underwire to deliver excellent lift and definition (not size). Often referred to as t-shirt styles, they give a soft and sculpted silhouette and offer a significant amount of coverage and control.

Prima Donna Perle and Duchess

   Prima Donna Perle Contour                                        Prima Donna Duchess Demi (padded)

Visit us at our downtown Charleston boutique for your very own personal and professional bra fitting. Our trained specialists will make it a fun and enjoyable experience, you will look forward to coming back to complete your updated lingerie wardrobe!